LED Video Walls

LED VIDEO WALLS - Leave the Visuals to Us

When you need to complete the look of an event and make sure that your guests receive high definition visuals for what you have planned for the event, LED walls send this message across beautifully. Whether it is a corporate conference, a poignant wedding event, a star-studded award function or an interactive gala, an LED wall will grab the attention of your guests and keep them hooked throughout the event with crystal clear visuals.

But wait.

Buying an LED wall for a single or a couple of functions does not seem like a smart move. But what else can you do in order to give your guests the best experience, yet not put a burden on your budget?

Why, rent an LED video wall, of course!

With Toronto Audio Video Rentals, you get the best bang for your buck! You set the theme for the event, and we provide you with the equipment to execute the program in the best way possible.

What You Get With Toronto Audio Video Rentals

There are many who can claim to provide the best services and be the “number one” audio video rentals around.

We don’t claim. We deliver.

Our video walls make sure that your guests do not have to scramble for the front row seat to be able to see clearly. The walls are able to display pictures, videos, animations, text and graphics with crystal clarity. When you choose our services, all you need to do is compile all you need to be displayed in your laptop, and quit worrying about how they would be displayed. Rest assured, your guests at the far end of the room would be easily able to see your hard work on the screen (no squinting required).

*Average Viewing Distance – this is an estimate of what would be a comfortable viewing distance for most people. This is a subjective estimate and will take into account variables like a person’s eye sight, resolution of content and type of content.

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