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Welcome to a full-service audio-visual production company in Toronto!

We’re a one stop AV production specialist with an unrivaled commitment to delivering a great service to businesses of any size and shape.

Event execution was hard before. But it has never been easier with Toronto AV as we streamline the project.

We communicate with our valued clients, envision quality solutions, and use new technologies to make their dreams happen.

What makes us different from AV production companies is that we have impeccable customer care and extreme dedication.

Who says a unique and remarkable event is hard to achieve? As one of the leading experts in the industry, we make everything possible. Our team consists of certified and qualified professionals that can get the project done right the first time.

Developing production sets and offering individualized AV services requires technical expertise and unmatched customer support. Toronto AV specializes in audio visual production. We have handled thousands of events, enabling us to develop our solutions.

Guaranteed satisfaction has been associated with our reputation. At your first call, you will be accommodated with friendly and skilled customer representatives. During the assessment of your first event, our staff is also responsive. Feel free to raise your concerns as our team won’t leave you behind.

Our years of experience allow us to handle conferences, trade shows, and other big events.

Businesses conduct conferences to bring people together to connect and learn. Conferences are hard to organize. As a top Toronto AV production expert, we reduce the hassles while businesses can sit back and relax.

Our AV services for the conference include room layout advice, custom-made video content design, lighting equipment, draping, 3D letters, staging, and more.

Startups and well-established companies kick off a trade show to catch their customer’s attention. How to stand out from your competitors? Our AV production services allow you to create a buzz among your target market.

For every trade show, we offer innovative audio equipment, video walls, TV screens, touchscreen, projectors, 3D content with projection mapping, lighting installation, custom audio, draping, conference accessories, and more.

Our Top Expertise

Organize Pre-Event Meetings

We believe the success of an event lies in proper and responsive communication.

Before the event, we conduct and organize a series of meetings. We talk to clients about different aspects of AV production.

If it’s your first time to kick off a conference or trade show, you’re not so familiar with the right equipment. Our experts provide effective and reliable pieces of advice, so there’s nothing to worry about.

From lighting to audio, we will guide you all throughout the process.

Another top concern for startups is the budget. As the most sought-after specialist in Toronto, we offer upfront costs and a free quote. There are no surprises. We also remain transparent.

Apart from AV equipment rentals, we visit and check sites. This allows us to ascertain the best lighting units, maximize space, and give your guests a fun experience.

Careful Handling of Project

Every business is different, so our team takes time to communicate with clients to modify the audio visual services.

During the pre-event meeting, we exert effort to help businesses plan their product launch/trade show/awards ceremony. We listen and care. We incorporate our expertise and creativity to supplement your ideas.

Our experts are meticulous. They install the lighting units and other AV equipment with the client’s safety and convenience in mind. Yes, our staff is fast. But we try to avoid any mistakes to avoid delays and other unnecessary issues in the long run.

After the event, our AV solutions do not stop there. We exert effort to review and measure the success of your product launch or trade show.

We also have attention to details. We do not take shortcuts. We handle every aspect of a corporate event to make it successful, remarkable, and special.

Finalize Details Weeks Before the Event

Audio visual production is a labor-intensive and overwhelming project. It requires enough time to complete.

As a one-stop AV production specialist, we encourage our clients to give us sufficient time to finish any event beforehand without compromising quality experiences.

Yes, we have state-of-the-art tools and unrivaled expertise. But we cannot take shortcuts and sacrifice the main goal of your trade show.

After days of planning and meeting, we finalize details a few weeks before an upcoming event.

When you have plans to kick off an awards ceremony, we’re just a call away. We also have a quick response time.

However, we’re also ready for last-minute changes. Our team is versatile, open-minded, and proactive. We bring extra equipment to exceed your needs and fulfill your goals.

Teamwork, commitment, and camaraderie have been practiced at Toronto AV for many years. We get your last-minute modifications done on time. You’re indeed in good hands!

Provide Backup Gear and Staffing

There are many reasons why an event is canceled or rescheduled. The lack of additional equipment and staffing are a few examples.

Whether it’s a trade show or exhibition, we send enough AV production professionals to handle projects of all sizes. We dispatch the fastest and the most creative staff to meet your deadline.

When additional staff or gear is needed, don’t worry as we have other specialists who are more than willing to help.

How about the costs? Are there extra charges or fees to pay? We will make sure our services are available at a competitive rate. While we’re delivering quality AV production solutions, we allow our clients to save cash over time.

Execute on Location Perfectly

Our years of effective event production allows us to master our craft.

Different projects in Toronto enable our staff to hone their skills, boost creativity, and widen expertise.

After successful planning, we execute all ideas on location according to the industry’s highest standards.

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The realization of your dreams has been our goal since establishment.

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