Toronto Audio Visual Production Rental

Organizing an event—no matter what your budget—entails an uncompromising focus on modern presentation tools such as multimedia and tech support. Of course, this means paying meticulous attention to detail to establish a truly impressive set-up, which is only made possible with the technological prowess of audio visual production.

At Toronto Audio Visual Rentals, we ensure that your special occasion rests on the backbone of a reliable tech system as we strive to provide the best in audio visual production services. This includes an impressive range of high quality equipment in line mixers, interface, line arrays as well as on-site assistance provided by expert technicians with extensive experience in audio visual production.

Toronto Audio Visual Production Rental

You could be organizing a music festival, fundraiser, corporate seminar, High School Prom—it doesn’t matter! No matter how big or small your event, regardless of your audience and the limitations of your budget, our team of professional stage managers and tech experts make sure your event gets all the attention it needs, every single time!

In this age of technology, audio visual communication is consistently evolving to encompass an impressive spectrum of technical fields, including lighting, sound, LED displays, tech surround and ambience.

With years of experience under our belt, serving a host of clients from various industries, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals brings you the resources and expertise to can turn your ideas into a thriving success.

Among our audio visual production services, we provide the following products in Consoles and Interface Technology:

  • Allen Heath 4 Line Mixer
  • Soundcraft 6 Line Mixer
  • QSC Touchmix 10 Line Mixer
  • Mackie 12 Line Mixer
  • Behringher 32 Line Mixer
  • ImagePro HD 3 input
  • VGA, 2 input Active
  • VGA, 4 input Active
  • Converter: HDMI to SDI
  • Converter: SDI to HDMI
  • Scan Converter: VGA/HDMI/DVI/SDI
  • Panasonic AV-HS400 video switcher
  • HDMI, 4 output
  • SDI 4 output
  • SDI 8 output
  • VGA/15pin 2 output
  • VGA/15 pin, 4 Output

Sticking to a budget? We offer exceedingly affordable rental charges on all our audio visual production equipment!

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