Month: October 2017

Things to remember while renting HD LED TV


The HD LED TV has redefined and enhanced the meaning of entertainment. It can single-handedly impress, spur interest, and transform a boring occasion into an engaging one. For Trade Shows, training, and Special Events it is not wise to spend a hefty sum on HD LED TV. This is where getting a TV on rent […]

Podium – A thread that binds the entire event

Podium on rent

We are all bursting with ideas to convey and seek a platform through which we can transmit it. A speech is redundant if it does not have the influence that the speaker wishes for. Is it even effective if the audience doesn’t walk out with flaming passion in their souls? But apart from the words, […]

The significance of sound at your event


Are you planning a birthday party for your friend? Is your company going to have a product launch? Are you supposed to arrange some corporate event? If the answer to any of the above question is yes, then let me tell you that sound system should be an indispensable part of your planning for a […]

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