Month: July 2018

Aiming for event success? Make sure the technical surrounding have the following for sure!


There are a lot of factors that decide the success of an event. Out of all them, the most important one is choosing the right Audio Visual equipment. You need to have a top-of-the-line audio-visual setup to make sure that your guests have a proper engagement and a great time. To also make sure that […]

6 Must-have elements for organizing Corporate Party


Corporate parties are a way to keep aside the hum-drum of daily life in the business world. People come together for a common purpose to celebrate, socialize, network or build customer relationships. A party should be able to build a feeling of anticipation among your guests rather than making it a sense of obligation for […]

Set your stage right for audience and performers to appraise your event


Are you planning an event and do not want to leave any stone unturned to make it a success? Does your check-list include choosing a venue, inviting performers or speakers, sending invites or selling tickets, making on-spot arrangements for catering and d├ęcor? Often, perfect staging for an event is put at the bottom of the […]

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