Adore your venue with an amazing ambience
Credit: Matheus Bertelli via Pexels

Event planners of all types have one question they must address: how can they make their event stand out from all the others? When events aren’t unique, they blend in with the blur of after-work commitments that the very thought of makes people roll their eyes.

Some aspects of an event can’t really be changed. No amount of creativity will alter the event’s purpose or cause. But stage design can play a larger role than you may think. Indeed, new cutting-edge venues like the Sphere in Las Vegas have such an immersive, incredible presence that most people would be excited to see anything there.

Toronto Audio Visual Rentals is a full-service company offering podium rental and all the equipment you need for your next event, but also the consulting experience to do all the planning and take things to the next level. It’s up to you to bring great ideas and substance to your audience. But leave the razzle-dazzle to us!

Let’s check out four stage design ideas to explore some considerations that will help boost your next event.

Lighting Matters

Don’t make the mistake of assuming lighting just has the practical purpose of letting people see. Yes, you need spotlights to highlight the presence of a principle speaker at an event, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Lighting creates the mood and the vibe of the stage, which in turn sets up how the entire event feels. The tone of the colours is crucial. If you use soft, pastel shades, it creates a very different atmosphere than solid primary colours.

A harsh, white, clinical light can create a cold, negative feeling. You might see such lighting at conferences or trade shows only because there are so many different participants that it’s impossible to settle on one mood.

Adore your venue with an amazing ambience
Credit: : Abet Llacer via Pexels

When you’re the main event, choose a dynamic stage lighting scheme that heightens the atmosphere and helps reinforce your theme or brand. The lighting you choose will vary for award banquets, dinner programs, sales meetings, or product launches.

The main thing is to understand what options there are, including modern forms of lighting more advanced than you may have guessed. We commonly handle event lighting rental for 3D mapping equipment, which can cast a light show on three-dimensional objects instead of just a two-dimensional screen.

Technology For the Win

Technology keeps growing by leaps and bounds, and using it intelligently can really kick your event up a notch. The key thing is to ensure there’s a connection between the tech and the purpose. In other words, don’t just use some high-tech gimmick to try and dazzle people.

Most events need a few core items, like microphones, monitors, and lighting. As a leading AV company in Toronto and the GTA, we’re proud to offer an enormous range of high-quality equipment that will get your basic needs sorted. But we can also go far beyond that.

Technology can do some incredible things, and that’s what can really elevate your event. For example, if you want to hear from a guest speaker who isn’t currently located in your city, technology can seamlessly bring them to the event in different forms. You may do a live stream that makes connection simple for all participants on any device. We can even handle the live stream’s custom branding and provide video analytics so you can survey audiences or integrate it with other social media platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.

If a video makes more sense, we’re happy to provide all the equipment or be there on-site to set it up and take it down. We offer everything from sound system rental to all the latest technologies. What type of technology you need will dictate how your stage will look, though there are still many options.

Connect with us for consulting to ensure that your technology gets the job done, and that it looks great on stage and leaves a memorable impression.

Music is Everything

Music is to the ears what lighting is for the eyes. It’s what fills the air and gives your event direction, atmosphere, personality, and so much more. People need a DJ booth for various purposes.

A business conference may need DJ rental equipment to introduce speakers as they come to the stage, whereas another event may want speakers for atmospheric music. A celebratory event may want music for dancing, which takes speakers that have a little more kick.

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, it needs music or speeches, if not both. Some events try to change things up by having a stage in the middle of the audience or making some other type of change. Either way, sound is indispensable. Your guests shouldn’t just hear the music and speeches planned; they should be clear and crisp.

Projectors and Screens

We live in a digital society accustomed to new, incredible devices hitting the markets regularly. By now, showing people grainy footage just won’t cut it. The visuals need to be sharp and clear.

Toronto Audio and Visual Rentals has a huge selection of high-quality projectors and screens that can display whatever you need to be shown and make a huge impression while doing so. Basic function aside, creating a dynamic stage presence by placing screens or projectors in the right places can add excitement and flare to the event.

As the leading providers of AV equipment and stage rentals in Toronto and the GTA, we’re proud to offer all the latest in screens and projectors. Their quality, placement, and what they show should make your event more memorable.

You can organize an event for the world’s most important cause, and if the technology fails, it won’t make the impression it should. On the flip side, any event can be fantastic when things work smoothly and seamlessly, and the planners put a lot of thought into it. We can’t tell you what your event should be, but to elevate the entire event, we’re happy to supply all the rental equipment, from staging decks to the lights and sound filling the room, and the insights and experience you need.