Leave a Lasting Impression in the Mind of Every Delegate attending the Conference

Leave a Lasting Impression in the Mind of Every Delegate attending the Conference

Attending the Conference:No matter what your event is, you want your delegates to enjoy to their fullest, isn’t it? It is also common knowledge that we enjoy when we remain engaged and participate in more interesting actions than sitting idle. Event managers arrange DJs, game shows, and standup comedies for the same. But you can skip these old school ideas to increase audience engagement in an event provided you implement some unique strategies such as:

Offering attendees Freebies: No doubt, everyone loves freebies and offering your delegates a free goodie could be the best way to start the conference. You can simply offer a writing pad or pen having your brand name written over it. It will serve two purposes; first, your brand name will always be in the memory of the delegates whenever they will be using your goodies later and second, you will get indirect promotion while others will watch your delegates using your goodies outside the event.

Staging a live Poll: Your delegates perfectly remember the time they interact with you or your speakers on one-to-one basis. You may doubt whether it is possible to give each individual that sort of time. Well, a quick fix to that could be staging a live poll. Make your speakers ask for live opinions or electronic votes where your delegates’ opinion will matter.  It will keep them hooked to the discussion until the end and they will love to be the part of your future events as well.

Make them part of the show: There are two types of participation in a show- active participation and passive participation. The latter refers to a stage of just sitting idle and listening to the ongoing conversation while the former implies a moment where the delegate actually feels to be on the stage. It happens when you pose a question and randomly choose one of your delegates to answer it. For this, all you have to do is to have impeccable audio systems and couple of hands-free microphone to be tossed from one audience member to another. 

Stream them live on Internet: Won’t you feel excited to be aired live on internet? Of course, everyone will, then why not to utilize this trump card to get your delegates’ attention! Record your show live from different angles through quality standby and drone cameras. Then stream them live on your official YouTube channel, Facebook Pages and other social media platforms having wider audience reach. Your delegates will be more excited to leave comments, hit likes and share the posts to make others know about their presence in your event or conference. Within few minutes, your event will start to get organic promotions.

Implement all the above-listed ideas into action with a reliable event management partner- Toronto Audio Visual Rentals and leave a lasting impression in the mind of every delegate attending the conference with ease.





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