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How to make the wedding memorable for your client?

Corporate Event

It is no wonder why people seek wedding planners taking into consideration the degree of effective planning it demands for its flawless execution. If you can plan a wedding, you can handle any other event challenging your event management skill. So, how to do that? Here are some tips for you. Filter-out Problematic Dates Events […]

How to determine which AV equipment you need for your event

av equipments on rent

Events with stellar AV equipment score full marks on all levels. However, it’s easier said than done. Thus while setting up the theme, you need to choose the AV equipment carefully otherwise the event may seem like a lackluster. Top AV equipment rental for the Event In this regard, here are some top AV equipment […]

Top 7 Toronto Venues for your next big event


Toronto is full of iconic venues to host big events. But, the more venues you view, the more confused you feel. Get started with most popular event with toronto venues listed below and choose the one that suits you the best. Lavelle Venue The Lavelle features a beautiful rooftop, modern French eatery, an outdoor pool, […]

How to plan a successful conference in 2020?


Organizing a business conference opens multiple doors of networking for future collaborations. However, it takes a lot of careful planning and corrections to make it successful. However, organizers get panic under the pressure of perfection. The truth is it is always doable provided you take care of the followings: Focus On One End-Goal Whether you […]

3 Elements that Guarantee Audience Engagement for Your Upcoming Event

Toronto Audio Visual Rental

The success of an event gets measured from audience engagement. It’s not easy to keep mass attention focused on your purpose till the event gets over. Yet, it’s not so difficult either. People lose interest only when your presentation fails to amaze their senses. In this regard, here are top three elements to add to […]

You Cannot Afford to Miss These Five Elements If You Are Looking for a Successful Event

Looking for a Successful Event

Event management is all about playing well with light, sound and technology followed by great content and motive. While most of the times organizers stand tall on content and motive, they fail on other aspects very badly. So, here are some top suggestions to keep in mind to create magic as expected. Proper Lighting If […]

Avoid these five mistakes if you are planning to hire a rental service provider company

rental service provider

Events, if not carried out under a solid plan, can lead to failures. Plans are not something those come easy to mind of a newbie. That’s why it is imperative to hire a rental service provider. But, how correct can you be while selecting your ideal rental service provider? Make no mistakes like the ones […]

Five steps to remove delays at your event

remove delays in event with just 5 steps

Remove Delays: When you face delays in your event progress, most probably it is the result of any wrong decision or misjudgment in the past. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your event preparation progress intact without any issue. In that way, you can remove delays at your event easily. Create […]

An impeccable Event – Three elements that lead to an ideal outcome

An impeccable Event

If you are looking for the perfect solution of event management in Toronto, then Toronto Audio Visual Service Providers can be your best fit under your budget

Why you should go for renting audio visual equipment over buying?

Toronto Audio Visual Rental

To make your event a big hit, you cannot afford to miss this. Know the nitigrities of the event management and know the answers of your questions

Top 7 Event Tech Trends of 2020

Top 7 Event Tech Trends of 2019

Tech Trends: In this fast-moving landscape of event technology, it is challenging to keep the pace of change. However, if you can make use of the latest innovations, you can expect higher returns on the investments. But with so many technologies available, which ones to follow that can benefit you over the long period? Here […]

7 Inevitable things required for a huge conference, seminar or VIP event

7 Inevitable things required for a huge conference, seminar or VIP event

 VIP event: In the wave of managing big events, we often miss small yet essential things that require our constant attention in the first place. This list will help you remember those in case you forget while working on other essentials. Scheduling Calendar Invitation for Stakeholders:Decide who needs to be involved in the planning of […]

5 factors that can drape your Gala Dinner night with dazzle

5 factors that can drape your Gala Dinner night with dazzle

If you revisit your memory lane to ask yourself what could be the best parts of a gala dinner you remember till date, you will find the answers to be exactly as per the wow factors mentioned below. Here are the top five factors to consider for sure. 1. Selection of Venue: Toronto has a […]

Enhance your exhibiting results with 5 successful strategies


Exhibitions power you to convert visitors into clients live by playing with their all five senses with your marketing skills. Though it is known to be not an easy task, you can prove that wrong by simply following five tips shared below: Set the upright Stall setup in an Exhibition Make sure that your stall […]

Looking for an event cohesive agent in Toronto? TAVR is here to hold your back

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If you are looking for someone who can tailor events for you as per your personal taste and budget while exceeding your expectations at the same time, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals would be your ideal bet. We have more than a decade of work experience on an elite level with big brands to suffice our […]

6 Tips to highlight your presence in trade show success


Preparing for a tradeshow while still struggling for business fame can be scary as well as frustrating. However, if you take care of small things in a beautiful way, brick by brick, you will get the success quite easily. In this regard, here are some tips to maximize your tradeshow success with ease. Promote your […]

How to Plan a Win-Win Event for Delegates and Audience

win-win event

Is there any secret recipe or best event planner to make an event stand out in the crowd? Of course, there is. All it takes is to do the same thing differently to ink your name in the list of winners. Let’s see what it means exactly. Break the stereotype promotional formula: Usually people spend thousands […]

How the right choice of Event Service Provider can take your Event to Next Level?


The aim of hosting an event has always been to create a conducive business environment with clients, stakeholders, and shareholders by leaving a lasting impression through impeccable event management. Had that been so easy, the need of proficient event managers would not be there in the checklist of organizers at the first place. The right […]

How Technology can add Stars to your Event

Toronto Audio Visual Rental

Technology nowadays plays an essential role in almost all fields and event management is no exception. If hosting an event is on the cards for you, then you must know how to make the best use of available tech essentials to add stars to your event. In this regard, here are some best options to […]

Dazzle your stage by employing the tips for perfect stage lighting

Dazzle your stage by employing the tips for perfect stage lighting

In any event, lighting and decoration play important roles for giving it the success required. However, it is easier than said. If you are looking for the odds to be in your favor in this regard, consider reading the tips shared below until the end. Use coloured stage: Coloured stage lighting might be from Shakespearean […]

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