Smart meetings rooms enable to create a powerful corporate scene for the visiting consultants, clients and the employees.Technology is an important aspect of upgrading businesses. Better viewing screens, lights and sound system make a lot of difference to the whole ambiance of the conference room. Let’s see the type of smart meetings equipment in Toronto those are in demand for their long array of benefits.

Meeting rooms nowadays are often packed with the latest technology that helps the employees in brainstorming, organization, and communication. So it is a profitable idea to invest in the best rental service provider company. Some of the must-have items for a smart meeting room are:

Smart Board

Poly-com Speakerphones have been specifically designed for conferences so that all the participants can hear the phone call clearly and decipher it properly. It delivers excellent voice quality from a 360° microphone. This feature creates an atmosphere as if the speaker is actually in the room rather than on a virtual end. That’s the reason, this smart meetings equipment in Toronto is in demand nowadays. However, always look for the best rental service provider company, as you need to invest less and gain more out of your meeting.

Digital visual presenters

Old overhead projectors are now replaced by Digital Visual Presenters (DVPs). They don’t use a Fresnel lens to focus light like the projectors use. A video camera is used to project documents by the DVPs. Even 3D objects can be projected onto a screen. It makes participants view important visual aids more clearly. However, things can be easily managed if you will get in touch with the best rental service provider company.

Video conferencing system

Videoconferencing saves companies from huge financial investments made in travel costs of its employees and clients. Instead of flying around the world for meetings they can now take place conveniently over these communication systems. It also has the iPanel system that allows simultaneous chat, Powerpoint presentations, sharing of important documents or any PC content.

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Audio Visual Checklist for Conferences and Meetings


Every successful event starts and ends with a proper planning. Starting from hiring professional light and sound systems to audience engagement , everything needs experts’ intervention. In this regard, here is the complete checklist against essential audio-visual and networking elements that your event may require for sure. The Audio Visual Checklist l is the basic one and can be elongated depending on your exact need. Here are the must have Audio Visual Checklist

  • HD panel LCDs
  • Screens for projection
  • Microphones
  • Mixers channels
  • Laptops
  • Remote controlled projectors
  • Teleconferencing equipment
  • LED lighting systems

Now, a detail glance into three important sections out of the list stated above will help you decide the exact type required for your event while hiring Audio-visual equipment for rent in Toronto.


No matter how big or small your event is, you need a quality microphone. They are available on a broad range such as a push-talk microphone, Gooseneck microphone, wireless microphone, wired microphone and Lavalier microphone. Push-talk ones are best for conference tables. Next two ones are required if you need more freedom to walk on a big stage or podium. Undoubtedly, Wired ones will be needing a stand whereas the last one is best for doing demonstrations and audience interactions. For availing best results, hire only professional light and sound system.

LCD or DLP projectors:

Visual contents increase audience engagement. You need them for delivering a lecture or for making a report. The same can be displayed via two mediums; LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and DLP (Digital Light Processing). In case of DLP, one thing is worth remembering; keep the throw distance (distance between the screen and the projector) to double off the screen size. Also, check for the focus made by the projection near to the audience area. Seek for the best quality LCD and DLP while hiring Audio-visual equipment for rent in Toronto.

Speakers and Mixers:

Don’t make your last-row audience feel disconnected from the event. Have best quality loudspeakers and analog mixers to create a strong sounding environment. The importance of mixers goes high when you have multiple microphones operating at the same time. It both amplifies the weaker voice and soften the louder ones for a better hearing.

If you want high tech Audio-visual equipment for rent in Toronto, engage Toronto Audio Visual Rentals. We can provide Professional light and sound system for an event of any size. Not only that, your event will get full attention from our experts to mark a success. Get in touch with us today!