Imagine, for instance, you are hosting a party. All your guests are merrily dancing to the tunes of latest music being played. It happens that all of a sudden the sound system breaks or the quality of the sound deteriorates. Your guests become disappointed. It was just one of the things that hampered the party. You can save your party from being ruined in the future by ensuring that you have the following things to have crystal clear audio coherency–


It is basic equipment that you would require for high-quality sound for the event. There are various kinds of microphones used to achieve different purposes. The right choice of the microphone can enable you to produce the intended sound. To make sure that your guests are able to hear what is being said, the speaker should stand at an acceptable distance from a dynamic microphone or you can have lavaliere microphones to make their movement easy. Using a pop filter on the microphone can help in reducing the sound of air that is expelled by our mouth while speaking. All this will further result in the better sound produced.


You would not want your guests to be straining their ears to hear that is being said on the stage. To guarantee that audio isn’t an issue, including the best speakers while considering the size of the venue. The shape of the room and how the speakers will interact with boundaries such as walls, the ceiling, and the floor should be also considered while choosing speakers. The audio produced should be as it is without any distractions from speakers. Before you buy or rent speakers, always listen to them before buying, as not all of them are equal. The placement of speakers is vital to produce the right audio which can be determined by how loud a speaker is and how vertically and horizontally the sound is projected from it.

Line array

it is a series of loudspeakers that cover the same frequency range and is stacked above one other. The main reason for doing this is to achieve a result that they consistently cover a great depth of field than a PA speaker can. As a result, people experience similar sound whether they’re in back rows or middle or in the front. If your venue is a large one, then line arrays are the best options to provide people with a better experience.

Audio mixer

An audio mixer is a key component to managing either recorded or live event sound. It ensures that sound is filtered and optimized by adjusting levels, enhancing the sound with equalization and effects. The quality of audio no doubt improves if you use a high-quality sound mixer.

Audio technicians

Anything can go wrong at any time during any event. To prevent any casualties, you need on-site audio technicians readily available. The technician can make sure that all things are running smoothly and even if any issue arises, he can solve those glitches. It is through their experience they can anticipate the problems and make arrangements according to that. They also have more knowledge about the working and handling of the equipment.

This completes the list of all the equipment that you will need to ensure audio coherence but buying all of them can make a hole in your pocket. This is where Toronto Audio Visual rental steps in. We offer the highly affordable tailor-made best quality sound system on rent in Toronto. With this, we also ensure that a team of best technicians is always available to make your event successful.

Recording an event for future podcasting? Make sure that you don’t miss these points


If you’re hosting an event, it could be your best chance to capture the audio for future broadcasting. It will be crowded with people of your niche. However, recording the audio can be tricky. You may need a high standard mobile kit to record the complete event. In this regard, here are some tips to keep in mind for better results;

For short recordings:

For quick recording clips, you need to be good at the basic. You need to know how to switch speakers quickly and transfer the mic between you and the other person with ease. Out of many options available, you would require at least following Audio Consoles on rent in Toronto:

  • Handheld Dynamic USB Microphone Recording and Podcasting Pack
  • USB Adapter
  • Any Smartphone having voice recording app

You may also require a wireless microphone system for flawless recording coupled with final editing. However, make sure, the microphones have a good plug-and-play operation capability. Instead of buying a new one, you can get microphones on rent in Toronto.

  • Two smartphones lavalier mic
  • An adapter
  • A smartphone having an audio recording option
  • TRSS extension cable
  • Headphones for accurate monitoring

General Tips:

You will get a lot of background noise of course and you must know how to cancel those. First and foremost thing, choose a dynamic mic. It will choose a narrow range of sound both in amplitude and frequency. Hence, most of the faraway noises will be canceled.

Keep the mic at as close proximity as possible to the speaker. Get some quality microphones on rent in Toronto and record the voice much effectively, background noises will hardly have any existence.

In case, you further want to cancel lower level of background noises, use an acoustic screen. You can ask for this while hiring Audio Consoles for rent in Toronto. This semi-circular device will be around the mic stand canceling major noises for sure.

Above all, cater hard to have best quality audio consoles and microphones on rent in Toronto. In case, you are not sure how to handle, outsource the task to an experienced event manager. Not every task comes under the DIY category.

If you need help in choosing the right Audio Consoles for rent in Toronto for recording the event, consider Toronto Audio Visual Rentals as your helping partner. We can provide any kind of assistance starting from planning the event to its final podcasting. Do get in touch with us today!