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Event management is all about playing well with light, sound and technology followed by great content and motive. While most of the times organizers stand tall on content and motive, they fail on other aspects very badly. So, here are some top suggestions to keep in mind to create magic as expected.

Proper Lighting

"If ‘event’ is a cake, consider ‘lighting’ as its icing. For lighting rental in Toronto, apart from illuminating the ambience, lighting can make your event elements look attractive, including your guests. Adding ‘directional’ signage on top of that improves coordination between guests and staff. Therefore, plan your design strategy by hiring an ideal AV partner for lighting rental in Toronto. Hiring the right light designer can help you set up the right aesthetics, moods, and ambiance required to make the event look gracious with lights."

Perfect Staging Sound Clarity

The sound in an event must match the content. For concerts, you can choose surround sound or cinematic sound equipment with the ability to replicate a full range of music. For a smaller stage, you need to install at least two subwoofers to optimize the bass lines and low-end sound effects. The primary objective is to deliver your message clear till the last bench, which is only achievable through a crystal clear speech and impactful audio components.

Screen Quality

The trend has massively shifted towards high-end LED Screens and plasma screens from conventional projectors. A couple of large LED TV screen is ideal for a group conference. Meanwhile, an LED Wall can make a visible difference for a large scale event. For a lasting impression, go for projection mapping for creating real-like multimedia content by using 2D & 3D advanced projector technology.

Advance Equipment Technology

All advance equipment for an event must include three main categories- lighting, event management and photography. Some advanced equipment for a standout event includes RFID ticketing & faster activation check-ins, social media walls, personalize recommendation to attendees through AI technology, and crowd streaming. Lecture hall lighting and mood spotlights are also creating buzz these days. Coordinate appropriately with your AV team for installing best of the best components like 4K video recorders, and wireless microphones, to bring magic in the surrounding.

If you’re not sure how to get started for your next event, let the entire team of Toronto Audio Visual Rentals assist you from the beginning to the end.

How to Plan a Win-Win Event for Delegates and Audience

About Toronto Audio Visual Rental Company

Is there any secret recipe or best event planner to make an event stand out in the crowd? Of course, there is. All it takes is to do the same thing differently to ink your name in the list of winners. Let’s see what it means exactly.

Break the stereotype promotional formula:

Usually people spend thousands of dollars on event promotion where they talk high about the state of the art technologies to be witnessed, presence of hard-to-reach esteemed spokespersons, food, caterings, and what not. But they really miss out what people actually want to know – the location. The location of a conference and its nearby attractions could sometimes one of the biggest draw for potential attendees.

Infuse your website with call-to-action buttons:

Most of the times, people look for shortcuts to register for an event online as many have little to no time for going through a lengthy physical or IVAR process. They come to your website directly looking for the same. Now instead of keeping them lost, make their way easily to the sign up page through call-to-action buttons distributed evenly throughout the website. If possible create banners flashing the details vertically or horizontal on one side of the website to give essential information on a quick note.

Go the extra mile on event decoration:

Take hep of an ideal event planner and brainstorm creative ideas on a number of aspects such as creative layouts, unique seating arrangements, use of colour, food displays etc. Add visual impact to your event through led lighting’s or create an art gallery inside by hiring works of a local artist with a striking deal. Usually local event managers can help you more in this arena owing to their broad contacts and prior experience with similar ideas before.

To make your next event a permanent memory for your attendees, get in touch with Toronto Audio Visual Rentals which can take the total responsibility of your event execution without letting you worry about anything at all.

Hire us to make your a win-win event.