3 Elements that Guarantee Audience Engagement for Your Upcoming Event

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The success of an event gets measured from audience engagement. It’s not easy to keep mass attention focused on your purpose till the event gets over. Yet, it’s not so difficult either. People lose interest only when your presentation fails to amaze their senses. In this regard, here are top three elements to add to your event in order to make it fully engaging the way you like to be.

Live polling

An event may become a monologue unless you make some effort to turn it into an interactive conversation. Involving live polling helps you achieve a massive engagement rate as well as fulfilling the ultimate goal of your event- delivering the underlying message. You have to think on a larger scale here. Merely picking audiences from the crowd and asking them to do something won’t hit the bullseye. Ask your speaker to incorporate live polling during their presentations as well as quizzes, Q&A sessions, game shows, & opinion sharing. Collecting, compiling and evaluating the data can help you plan and optimize the success of your future events.  

Keynote Speakers 

A great key speaker can do wonders for your event. Frankly, most people attend an event to meet their celebrity speakers and to have fun. Choosing a key speaker is tricky and essential. Make sure to consider your audiences’ personality before selecting a speaker. 

An energetic crowd will do better with enthusiasts and humorous speaker. Therefore, plan out the whole speech with your speakers, tell them your expectations, and ask them to be interactive. It’s even better if you manage to set up a one-on-one session between your speakers and audiences.


Through integrating games in your event, you can incite engagement within audiences as well as drive them towards your main goal. For example- if you have developed a new game, then you can ask your audience to download the game and share their experience in the play store. Likewise, you can set a scavenger hunt and ask your attendees to find the gift basket. Similarly, a quiz game where you ask audiences questions regarding the specifics of your new product, will encourage engagement and will raise their curiosity. There are ample ways to promote socialization and networking among attendees, but make sure you don’t forget the underlying reason behind the gamification.

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