5 factors that can drape your Gala Dinner night with dazzle

5 factors that can drape your Gala Dinner night with dazzle

If you revisit your memory lane to ask yourself what could be the best parts of a gala dinner you remember till date, you will find the answers to be exactly as per the wow factors mentioned below. Here are the top five factors to consider for sure.

1. Selection of Venue:
Toronto has a number of high-end options for hosting similar important functions – all you need to do is to make the right choice of venue to create the required impact on your audience. Your venue creates the first impression in the minds of your audience and they perceive the entire event with the notions and expectations they have created.

2. Choice of Theme:
The theme should go hand-in-hand with your venue and should clearly reflect the objective behind the event. Apart from decoration, the upright blend of lights and sounds with other attractive effects set the thematic tone of the event. Usually, people make mistakes while selecting themes by ignoring some crucial elements such as type of truss, the quality of screens, the level of sound and the other technical nitigrities at the event. Only an expert event manager can address these needs easily on a quick note.

3. Type of entertainment Gala nights
No gala dinner night is complete without entertainment. On the other hand, no two gala nights should have the same formula of entertainment either. It purely depends upon the audience size and choice. For instance, if you’re holding a formal event for less than 50 people, your audience will definitely not expect to watch a rave dance in between whereas if you are planning a batch get-together, then dance surely enhance the mood. So, be extra cautious while finalizing this section, as it may make or break the mood of your audience instantly.

4. Options to tackle their taste buds:
It goes without saying that food and drinks do help in creating permanent memories for any party or event in our mind. However, you need to choose any one option between two available like a buffet-style dinner or a plated meal, only light refreshments or a complete margarita station, and so on. In this regard, it is advisable to hire an expert who can take care of your delegates’ appetite without requiring your intervention. Make sure that all the guests feel the warmth and the hospitality from your end.

5. After-Dinner Surprise:
As it’s all about creating eyebrow-raising moments, you should try to make it count even after the dinner is over. One of the easiest ways to do that is by offering goodbye gifts. Give them a small portable gift during their exit which will act as a constant reminder of your wonderful event again and again. Another option is to plan a surprise performance by some celebrity or well-known group to leave the smiles intact on your audience face while they leave.

If you want to give your gala dinner such wow factors, consider Toronto Audio Visual Rentals as your ideal helping hand. We can turn your gala dinner from ordinary to extraordinary while keeping your guests engaged and amazed all night.

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