7 Inevitable things required for a huge conference, seminar or VIP event

7 Inevitable things required for a huge conference, seminar or VIP event

 VIP event: In the wave of managing big events, we often miss small yet essential things that require our constant attention in the first place. This list will help you remember those in case you forget while working on other essentials.

Scheduling Calendar Invitation for Stakeholders:
Decide who needs to be involved in the planning of this event and send them a calendar invitation including their traveling details, map of the venue, and its parking details. Mention their roles and expectations, obtain sign-off, and make sure it is received and acknowledged by all.

Professional compilation of Guest List:
You must inevitably ensure the correct use of titles, post-nominal, and salutation for VIPs to be invited. Some VIPs require proceeding documents to be submitted to them two weeks before the event. It needs to be managed carefully as any small mistake in the proceedings may create a bad image of your management skills in front of the VIPs.

Creating RSVPs:
Make sure to send invitations not later than four weeks ahead of the primary event date. The date of RSVP should be five days before the event. (To be selected in conjunction with the catering company’s notification of attendance number requirements). Send out an email regarding the confirmation of attendance the week before the event. It must contain an event location map and parking instructions as well.

Access provision for Disabled and Older people:
The venue should be accessed well by physically challenged and older people. Make sure, the event would have to push strollers, carts, or other wheeled objects, to more easily access a building by such people with the help of your supporting staffs.

Accommodation for interstate/international delegates:
In case your event is going to be for 2-3 days, decide whether your interstate/international delegates need accommodation facility or not. If so, choose a place close to your venue and include its expenditure in your budget well in advance.

External and Internal Security:
VIP event / Big events need security to patrol and bodyguards. It becomes more evitable when you have any special guests arriving, such as the Prime Minister. In such cases, you may also be required to liaison with Prime Minister’s security in advance.

Use of essential Signage:
You may require signage for direction/parking or conference room or promotion as well. Some need lectern banner as well. So, communicate with your marketing and communication team to arrange them before time.

Needless to say, apart from all the above discussed, you will require impeccable AV systems, lighting, decoration, catering, etc. to give your event a big success.
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