Dazzle your stage by employing the tips for perfect stage lighting

Dazzle your stage by employing the tips for perfect stage lighting

In any event, lighting and decoration play important roles for giving it the success required. However, it is easier than said. If you are looking for the odds to be in your favor in this regard, consider reading the tips shared below until the end.

  1. Use coloured stage: Coloured stage lighting might be from Shakespearean times but still, it is one of the important components of lighting up a stage. LED coloured panels made of gelatine would enhance the mood and even foreshadow what’s about to take place. You can also use warm colours, such as red, orange and cool colours such as green, blue, and purple, to have a more subdued effect.

  2. Add patterns: You can use “Gobos” that can turn solid lights into interesting patterns. These gobos are made from cut metal or coloured glass. It is not necessary to use props for having an additional effect on stage. Gobos can be useful for simulation of grass, trees, flowered wallpaper, bright sunny day, star-filled sky, or even a stain-glass window. So, next time instead of constructing these props on your stage, enhance your stage outlook by using these patterned lights i.e. Gobos.

  3. Infuse Special effects: If you are staging a play or event, you can bring them to life by using certain equipment that can light up the stage. You can use the “gently falling rain, falling snow, or slowly drifting clouds. You can also use Gobo rotators to move light patterns across the set at your appropriate speed and directions.

  4. Use Prism rotators: These are also another great lighting tool that can provide a multi-dimensional effect. It helps in overlapping images and various colours for greater depth. A prism rotator works like a wonder with ‘bouncing light off smoke’ created by fog machines which can create thrill and create a captivating movement with your stage lighting.

  5. Prefer LED lights: Use these LED coloured lighting equipment to give your stage a more subtle and bright colour effect. LED lights are optically calibrated to ensure consistency throughout the event and have thermal droop controls to maintain colour accuracy. This will definitely make it easy for attendees as it will be soothing and clear to watch, rather than getting irritated from high bright light. Staging and Lighting need creativity and the constant supervision of an expert event management team like Toronto Audio Visual Rentals having wide years of experience in the same. .

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