Enhance your exhibiting results with 5 successful strategies


Exhibitions power you to convert visitors into clients live by playing with their all five senses with your marketing skills. Though it is known to be not an easy task, you can prove that wrong by simply following five tips shared below:

Set the upright Stall setup in an Exhibition
Make sure that your stall should reflect the value rather than the hoardings of sale and other stuff which are omnipresent in the exhibition. With proper stall setting with testimonials or clippings running on the LED screen, thematic decoration and proper presence, tap the interests of the audience at every step.

Use soothing lights to draw maximum attention:
Use soothing and delicate lights to draw maximum eyeballs towards your booth. Let your objects’ beauty be highlighted in the presence of subtle light so that it makes them appealing enough to be bought. Focus lights on effective graphics so that your attendees know what your product/service has to offer in just two to three seconds. By the time they walk past your 10’ by 10’ booth, they will be able to level your credibility over other exhibitors.

Bridge communication gaps:
For managing a big crowd than your imagination, use effective communication means such as speakers and microphones. Usually, people bounce off when you fail to give them enough attention. Thus, equip your team with all the necessary screens and sliders and train them to handle the crowd without letting anyone feeling to be left behind. Let someone circulate the microphone amongst the people while you answer their queries on speakers. In this way, a person standing behind the crowd will also feel to be the part of your discussion without getting zoned out.

Record and learn:
There will be a number of learning sessions for you and your team while interacting with the live audience. You may get stuck at some queries or may notice the success of certain planned activities. You should keep a record of those for future analysis. Analyze them post the event and make a note of the valuable lessons that you are going to apply next time for even better outcomes.

Know your neighbours:
Always get information about your neighbour exhibitors to refine your exhibitions strategy. Get to know about their stand design, products to be displayed, at-show marketing activities etc. It is important because if your neighbours turned out to be more appealing than you, your efforts may go unnoticed under their performance shadow. To check out your neighbours ask the organizer about the complete list of confirmed exhibitors with their booth numbers.

Ask Open questions:
One of the best ways to get people to talk while crossing your booth is by asking them short questions that require more than one word to answer. Open questions will make them feel comfortable talking about their needs and issues. Instead of asking ‘Can I help you?’ ask them about their name and company and note them down. Even if you fail to impress them verbally, you can use their name and company details to pull information down from internet for approaching online later.

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