Enhance your technical execution by these 6 means

Enhance your technical execution by these 6 means

Apart from skills, the success of event management requires flawless execution of technical part in order to make the audience feel unique. However, the same is not easy to achieve unless you have prior knowledge. In this regard, here are 6 tips to get started with ease.

  1. Consultation: While formatting a plan for your event, remember that every performer, host, and the speaker must have to sync with your idea about adequate audio-visual coverage. Always try to avoid unnecessary last-minute confusion or unavailability of any AV (Audio-video) equipment. To prevent such confusion, you can provide your speakers or host an “exhibitor order form” before an event. It is used for inquiring them about the specific technology they require to deliver a smooth, clear presentation to the delegates.

  2. Timing: This is one of the most important aspects of setting up audio-visual equipment for an event. You need to make sure the installation and functioning of the speakers, screens, projectors, and control systems are completed on-time. This will help keep your event preparation on-track and on-schedule.

  3. In-house/third-party: The in-house experts may be more familiar with the venue and its capabilities, but it can easily overcome given enough time for research. Also, the in-house experts don’t have high-end equipment for every kind event. A third party AV vendor can offer access to more innovative technology solutions that can come under your budget. Want to make your the event a memorable one? Always go for high-profile third-party AV vendors.

  4. Venue details: For proper functioning of AV equipment, third-party AV vendors rely on the suspended components, such as projectors, microphones from the ceiling of a venue. In case your event is a grand one, large-scale setups will need time regarding rigging. Make sure to have precise information about maximum ceiling height or load-bearing weight of the room.

  5. Microphone: It is not relevant that only individual presenters and speakers wireless microphones. You need audience interactions for driving engagement at events, so use a little mic clip/battery belt clip combinations. This particular wireless microphone option can be passed through the audience for better interactions.

  6. HDMI cables: In addition to the cables and connectors, an HDMI cable will come handy for HD display and address the issue of “Aspect ratio.” Using only a USB drive can show media file in a pre-set aspect ratio that will deviate the attendee’s attention towards the black area on the screen. So always go for HDMI cables for crystal clear displays.

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