How to make the wedding memorable for your client?

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It is no wonder why people seek wedding planners taking into consideration the degree of effective planning it demands for its flawless execution. If you can plan a wedding, you can handle any other event challenging your event management skill. So, how to do that? Here are some tips for you.

Filter-out Problematic Dates

Events like charity walks, concerts, national holidays, including upcoming local events, can cause traffic issues and the availability of hotel rooms. Make sure to rule out these dates while fixing the wedding date. Besides, bad weather and challenging climates can cause trouble for your guests. So check the weather forecasting of the region as well. Try to avoid a tent wedding in hot summer and make sure to clear out bug infestations before your guests arrive.

References Might Help

Start with your most trustworthy vendor whom you know for a long time. Your photographer can suggest you the best florist or your reception manager can point you towards the best band.

Lighten Your List

Trimming down your guest list will lift off some weight from your budget. Since wining and dining alone will cost you half of your budget, even cutting down ten guests from the venue will save you around $1000. While signing your contract, make sure you are not liable to serve your crew with the same food as your guests. Lobsters or caviar-topped canapés are not the only definitions of a hearty meal at a wedding. You can choose a less expensive yet elegant & hearty meal for crewmembers. Make sure to inform the caterer a few days before the wedding to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Hire a childcare service

You can limit your wedding to adults, but it might be impossible if some of your immediate family members have kids. Although managing kids at a wedding seem quite challenging, hiring a childcare service can save you from a lot of troubles. You can ask your childcare agency to attend kids at the hotel or the home of a family member.

Pay equal importance to the technical part

From lighting to audio to visual – the technical team is the glue that holds your event in the proper place. A single technical glitch can ruin a crucial moment in your life. It would help if you utilized a decent amount of your wedding budget for hiring the best technical team.

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