Top 7 Event Tech Trends of 2020

Top 7 Event Tech Trends of 2019

Tech Trends: In this fast-moving landscape of event technology, it is challenging to keep the pace of change. However, if you can make use of the latest innovations, you can expect higher returns on the investments. But with so many technologies available, which ones to follow that can benefit you over the long period? Here are the top suggestions for you.

Event Automation:
To ease a coordinator’s work, events are witnessing the introduction of cutting-edge automation those are helping towards an event’s hassle-free planning and execution. It also records the personal information of attendees before their arrival to make their experience memorable.

Hybrid Events:
Here, as an audience, you can become a part of the event’s physical and virtual reality. That means you can attend their live streaming and your presence will be count and seen by others. This is trending nowadays as it allows people to save money on travel and event tickets.

Radio Frequency Identification:
This is new amongst other wearable tech trends to gain attention lately. They are easing works in areas like event ticketing and attendee mapping with radio frequencies. Soon, it will be one of the most used event technology in the coming years.

AI and AR integrated Mobile App:
Having a dedicated app for your event that assists attendees from registration to their preferred seat allocation is like winning a jackpot. Through AI, you can make attendees explore your event venue in a much more exciting way.

Many things can be done with drones. If you have any sports event to host, drones cameras can help you catch minute details of the event and can stream them live on screen. They always mesmerize the audience to the fullest.

Internet of Things (IoT):
Internet of things has indeed moved from smart appliances to the event industry. If put to use correctly, it can help you with so many things such as automating onsite registration, tracking audience movements, recommending target routes to the audience and much more by collaborating event data with audience data.

Facial Recognition:
Facial recognition system will help you quickening up the check-in process for your audience and enhancing your security to a new level. It not only promises better user experience but also offers you unmatched analytics and insights. You can also use this feature for ID checking, session tracking, heatmaps, and lead retrieval.

The list can go on, but amongst all the options available, you need an expert’s guidance to make use of the technologies to their fullest.

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