AV Rentals Can Elevate Any of These Events
Credit: Henri Mathieu-Saint-Laurent via Pexels

Whenever like-minded people get together in the same space, something larger happens. It feels like the evening has a momentum deriving from more than the sum of its parts. There’s a chemistry or synergy that takes place, that special thing that makes gatherings so precious and indescribable.

But it doesn’t always take place. Sometimes, technical problems can irritate the audience and make them restless. Professionals in some industries may be a little fatigued because they routinely go to events and need something new and interesting to get excited about.

While there are many different kinds of corporate events people and businesses host, they all need a boost from cutting-edge audio-visual equipment. Let’s check out how some different types of events can benefit from AV equipment and the production services we can provide.

Charity Events

Gathering to help a good cause is an excellent way to bring people together and let them help others. There are a range of excellent causes out there, and a benefit can help raise money, spotlight an issue, reduce stigma, or boost the cause in other ways.

Toronto Audio Visual Rentals core charity event rentals include microphones, speakers, lighting, a stage, and other necessities. Charity events can raise the profile of important issues or generate badly needed funds for support.

Our state-of-the-art equipment can transform and elevate your space, making all attendees feel like they’re somewhere important, even if the venue itself is relatively humble or plain. When the digital equipment is truly transformative, you don’t need to be in a special place for it to feel that way.

Corporate Parties

Company parties are a great way to develop camaraderie and boost team morale. Whether it’s for a seasonal holiday or on the occasion of some commercial accomplishment, businesses can cement their work culture by throwing a great party.

Depending on the sector and the company’s personality or dynamics, you may want the event to be formal or fun. It’s up to you. Connect with our consultants in our corporate audio visual services to guide you through your lighting and AV options and we’ll make sure you get the right effects.

For example, you may want a nice wall wash that makes the room look charming and helps photographers capture people in a great light. There’s also a range of head lights which can ramp up the party and practically beckon people to the dance floor.

Guest Speakers

Sometimes, an event revolves around one or more speakers. Perhaps it’s a commencement speech, a conference, or a public debate. Either way, you need a few things to make it memorable.

First is a stage. No matter who is speaking or what the subject is, it’s crucial that the audience can see them, and this requires an elevated platform. A stage, podium, or dais also helps give the speaker and the event itself gravitas and heft.

We rent out stages for any event you need, in any configuration. We can drop off the equipment you need at the venue and let you do the setup yourself, or we can set it up and take it down for you.

Av Rentals Can Elevate Any of These Events
Credit: Henri Mathieu-Saint-Laurent viaPexels

We’re proud to be an audio visual company that has everything you need for every event, and conferences may also need projectors, screens, microphones, speakers, and other equipment.

We only carry high-quality equipment in excellent condition, which we inspect carefully before renting it out again. Next time you host public speeches or a conference, it’s smart to leverage technology to keep the audience from getting bored.

Some venues are more exciting than others. If your event is located at the Sphere in Las Vegas, you probably don’t need to rent technological equipment to give a dash of pizzazz. However, we offer hotel audio visual rentals to make a customary room into something special.

You might have the best guest speakers, an excited audience, and even incredible catering for the event. But technical problems can break the spell speakers cast over their audience, and failing to plan or manage your event properly can really be a drag. Come to Toronto Audio Visual for all your conference rentals, consulting, and personalized technical support.

Trade Shows

The days of companies setting up elaborate tradeshow exhibits that look more like a theatre set are over. Instead, we provide trade show equipment rentals covering a range of technology to create dazzling effects, such as lights, music, screens, projectors, PA speakers, and more.

We offer live stream equipment rentals that make connecting a guest speaker in one country with an audience in another easy. Only you can create a product or service that will wow customers and partners, but we have all the gear to make it stand out from other trade show exhibits.

Different Levels of Technical Support and Production Services

Finally, Toronto Audio Visual can help you plan the event, provide production services, and set up and take down all the equipment. Whatever level of guidance and help you need, we’re there!

Every event needs something different. Sometimes, the host doesn’t have much experience putting parties or events together, so they consult us about what type of equipment they need. They may also need help setting up things like lights and running the console board during the event.

If they have somebody who can control the lighting and sound, we’re happy to just drop off the equipment and retrieve it when the event is over. In other words, whether you have hosted 0 events or 10,000, whether you work for a start-up or a multinational conglomerate, Toronto Audio Visual provides everything you need to make your event amazing.

Events play a crucial role for institutions, as they can bring people together in a fun and informal setting in ways that really help cement bonds. They can draw speakers together, providing a place for learning, sharing, and growing. Events also help raise money and gather support. Whatever event you’re hosting next, connect with Toronto Audio Visual to ensure it’s a success.