LED Lighting has a power to create ambiance, display video content and can be used to in conjunction with architectural elements and dynamic fixtures to build a visual experience that will leave your guests mesmerized. The advanced LED lighting has come a long way since the humble tungsten and halogen incandescent filaments. LED lighting is the new standard for any event due to their low energy consumption, astoundingly long life expectancy and compact form factor, which enables them to complement any environment. The scope of LED lighting has expanded radically and the attention to detail to maintain a focused theme and custom-tailored atmosphere has turned out to be pivotal.

Here are a couple of approaches to influence your occasion to sparkle!

Give red carpet flair to your event

Enlist red carpet in the category of the most important things for flawless ambience arrangement. Make your guests feel special and employ the charm of the red carpet to welcome your guest warmly. You along with other hosts and hostesses must be there at the entrance of the venue to greet the guests with a magical smile.

1.Light up your stage with LEDs

Get RGBW LED lights on rent (a combination of red, green, blue and white light emitting LEDs) to give your event an exceptional appearance. The versatile control of an LED lighting system allows a designer to produce millions of vivid, saturated colors and create the complex lighting schemes. RGBW LED chips allow you to play with the rainbow.

2.Move your audience with Moving Heads

Moving Heads marked the era of LED revolution and having LED lighting on rent has made them accessible to all. They are digitally controlled motors, which enable all sorts of light movement and have turned out to be basic even at the low end of lighting budgets. The impact that Moving Heads creates has the tremendous power to tie the enthusiasm of audience to the stage and performances. Moving head fixtures are must for any professional event.

3.Create dazzling effects with LED Tubes

LED Tubes are also known as happy tubes because of their attributes of flexibility and adaptability. These happy tubes can be mounted on just about any physical structure, making them an indispensable requirement for any occasion. They can be joined, hung, flown, stacked to form a screen and used to emit light or images. Get creative with LEDs and go for a clever assortment of tubes to create any effect you desire – both coherent and abstract.

Lighting your event is so fundamental and Toronto Audio Visuals are here to ensure that it doesn’t get overlooked. Going for the option of having LED lighting on rent will surely make your event an extraordinary one. Along with LED lighting on rent, reach out to Toronto Audio Visual Rentals at 416-628-3832 to get onsite assistance, consoles, audio systems, screen and every event accessory on rent.

Dazzle your stage by employing the tips for perfect stage lighting


In any event, lighting and decoration play important roles for giving it the success required. However, it is easier than said. If you are looking for the odds to be in your favor in this regard, consider reading the tips shared below until the end.

1.Use coloured stage:Coloured stage lighting might be from Shakespearean times but still, it is one of the important components of lighting up a stage. LED coloured panels made of gelatine would enhance the mood and even foreshadow what’s about to take place. You can also use warm colours, such as red, orange and cool colours such as green, blue, and purple, to have a more subdued effect.

2.Add patterns: You can use “Gobos” that can turn solid lights into interesting patterns. These gobos are made from cut metal or coloured glass. It is not necessary to use props for having an additional effect on stage. Gobos can be useful for simulation of grass, trees, flowered wallpaper, bright sunny day, star-filled sky, or even a stain-glass window. So, next time instead of constructing these props on your stage, enhance your stage outlook by using these patterned lights i.e. Gobos.

3.Infuse Special effects:If you are staging a play or event, you can bring them to life by using certain equipment that can light up the stage. You can use the “gently falling rain, falling snow, or slowly drifting clouds. You can also use Gobo rotators to move light patterns across the set at your appropriate speed and directions.

4.Use Prism rotators:These are also another great lighting tool that can provide a multi-dimensional effect. It helps in overlapping images and various colours for greater depth. A prism rotator works like a wonder with ‘bouncing light off smoke’ created by fog machines which can create thrill and create a captivating movement with your stage lighting.

5.Prefer LED lights:Use these LED coloured lighting equipment to give your stage a more subtle and bright colour effect. LED lights are optically calibrated to ensure consistency throughout the event and have thermal droop controls to maintain colour accuracy. This will definitely make it easy for attendees as it will be soothing and clear to watch, rather than getting irritated from high bright light. Staging and Lighting need creativity and the constant supervision of an expert event management team like Toronto Audio Visual Rentals having wide years of experience in the same. .