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LED video walls can turn any ordinary event to an extraordinary event provided they are used tactfully. In this regard, here are few tips to make the most out of these glazing digital walls.


If you have installed a new security system with audio-video components, these LED video walls will definitely come handy. In case of multiple TVs combined to one giant display, every single TV of the wall represents a single camera and shows you the recording in HD quality. If you are using a single large display, you can fragment the recordings display evenly throughout the screen. The kind of imagery and video quality captured on LED video wall is incomparable to any standard monitor available in market.


A video wall can take your gaming experience to the next level. If you are gamer, you know the value of graphics and its smooth showcasing on the screen. These video walls can give you a gaming environment that will make you feel almost real. The USP of these Video walls is that they have large number of pixels to seamlessly pass all the colour graphics to be projected on screen, without any blur.


A video wall can do wonder for your international or domestic conferences with its facility of showcasing interactive multimedia presentations. You can also collaborate with your remote colleagues and share the information from one site to another. In case of a multi-TV video wall, you can project video, images and graphs at the same time. It saves not only time but also business travel cost.


To look after a wide train or bus network, you need monitors that can show all kinds and amount of media info on a single screen. A video wall can be used to manage and control all of the hardware and software system, from a single or multiple screens LED video walls. The USP is that in case of hardware failure (which is rare case), the dual controllers provides you downtime, to back up your data.


A LED video wall can provide you with an atmosphere that enhances the video, audio quality and the overall atmosphere of the theatre. With its 3d dynamic imagery range, these video walls can give you fantastic experience of your best movies. A large video wall with 2k or 4K resolution is enough to entertain huge number of people in a single place.

However, all of the above-discussed cases are doable when the video walls are of high quality. Make sure, you have hired an ideal AV rental firm, like Toronto Audio Video Rentals, to rest assured of the quality of such equipment to be used for your event.

High Definition LED TV can redefine and enhance your experience of watching the movie this weekend

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Planning to watch a movie with your family this weekend? If you are getting ready to throw a super bowl popcorn party this Sunday, then give a chance to HD LED TV to redefine and enhance this upcoming moment with your loved ones.


Here are the ample of reasons that will help you to pick the best for your weekend. HD LED TV brings them all to your home theatre for your family and friends.

  • Sleek Size

    Technology is helping TVs to get lighter and slimmer and this virtue of technology is bestowed especially on HD LED TVs. Innovation has made HD LED TVs weigh less than plasma ones and has molded them to be thinner in depth. So if you want the slimmest of TVs to mount against your wall then HD LED TV is the way to go but you will have to pay a premium for that slimness.

  • Phenomenal Picture Quality

    What’s your viewing pleasure? It is surely aligned to the desire of possessing a technology that may escort movie theatre to your home. HD LED TV proffers spectacular picture quality with unprecedented brightness level and amazing color contrast. HD LED TV has specifications that are the perfect blend of the attributes of Plasma and LCD TV. With the feature of LED backlighting, HD LED TVs empower you to alter the measure of backdrop illumination in particular zones of the screen and delivers sharper color accuracy with high definition image resolution.

  • Efficient Energy Consumption

    HD LED TV is an efficient energy saver. Plasmas can without much of a stretch expend several hundred watts of power per hour while a lean LCD or LED regularly sneaks by with under 100. This additional power utilization from plasmas likewise makes these units put out a considerable amount of perceptible warmth.

    HD LED TV is an unmatchable and perfect culmination of slender size, high-definition picture quality and efficient energy consumption.

You may be thinking that isn’t HD LED TV too lavish choice for this weekend matinee show. The simple yet effective solution to curb this ambiguity is amazingly a question this time – why to spend when you can get that on rent? Turn out to Toronto Audio Visuals Rentals at 416-628-3832 to get Sharp or Samsung HD LED TVs on rent. Treasure priceless moments and memories without paying premium prices by going with the best option of taking HD LED TV on rent in Toronto.