Why are onsite technicians an indispensable part of every event?


No event can meet its goal unless it has a team of expert technicians to plan and handle it from its starting till its end. However, despite knowing this fact, organizers do sometimes make the huge mistake of running the event on the shoulders of a few technicians than actually required and face the hit of event disaster owing to an unattended technical glitch. If you are still not sure why you need a complete team of onsite event experts, here are some knowledge supplements for your kind information.  

Conduct Pre-Event Audio Video Quality Tests

Professional technicians perform risk assessment tests to identify areas of potential vulnerability. They also improve the quality of audio/video/lighting output through conducting an in-depth technical analysis such as checking A/V quality in terms of speed, packet loss and jitters. Some other crucial assessments managed by technicians include making tests in advanced media testing laboratories, gathering MOS scores by testing on real devices, and testing varied network configurations. Finally, they execute a competitive analysis and offer overall engineering support at the event.

Act as a liaison and a Team Coordinator

The work of a technician doesn’t limit to equipment installation and management only. A team of ideal technicians works closely with senior event technicians and contributes expert feedback on the usage and efficiency of event production equipment. They liaise with the team members of clients and stakeholders during pre-production. They show the way to optimize space utilization and assist other teams to follow the best practice, leading to the infallible success of your event.

Proactively Manage All Technical Issues

Technicians handle all small to major technical issues from a common video setback to guest registration glitches. With the advent of the internet, the constant availability of Wi-Fi is necessary for event success. Thanks to onsite technicians for resolving these matters before they hinder your event’s success.

Evaluate the Technical Aesthetics of the Site

A visually striking venue cannot solely save an event. Radiofrequency interference, twitter hashtag hijacking and mobile phone dead spots are some of the issues that also can ruin an event. Technical professionals run appropriate signal tests and ensure the venue complies with top-quality equipment. Besides, technicians analyze the aesthetical and ergonomic fitness of an event site so that it has all the attributes to establish proper communication with audiences. An ergonomically designed venue allows the sound, visuals and lighting to reach your audiences uniformly and without any deviation.  

So, look for a team of best onsite technicians before it gets too late or, just hire Toronto Audio Visual Rentals and save your time!

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