Adore your venue with an amazing ambience

Remove Delays: When you face delays in your event progress, most probably it is the result of any wrong decision or misjudgment in the past. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your event preparation progress intact without any issue. In that way, you can remove delays at your event easily.

Create Event Blueprint

Knowing and understanding the objective of your event is essential. Analyze the scope of your event and build a team that can help you execute and manage it without any hassle. Be open to multiple dates so that it won’t hamper your results if the first one doesn’t work out. Also, put extra focus on reviewing the event venue, calculating the budget, creating a perfect administrative plan, identifying entertainment plan, and factoring publicity options.

Hire AV Rental Providers

Choose an event management company with an in-house Audio Visual Equipment inventory and a team to manage them. Some must-have equipment should include High lumen projectors, high powered sound system and lighting systems, high definition displays, LED Walls, digital backdrops, voting pads, octonorm stalls, and video cameras.

Test equipment in advance

Calibrating equipment as per the technical standards remains a valid concern always before beginning your event. Although your technician will do them voluntarily, you must check it by yourself to rest assured about flawless performances. Ensure all equipments are up to the calibration frequency as set by the manufacturer. All material must go through the testing operation and makes sure to lock them down safely before and after your use.

Get professional technicians for assistance

May it be a Business conference or a performance or concert – each event demands its own dedicated team for technical performance. A dedicated technical team can help you decide what type of audio and video support to choose from the options available. They assist you in setting up broadcasting tools, video recorders, microphones and all other events related equipment to play in harmony. Also, hiring a technician will help you troubleshoot and repair any on-stage problem instantly, apart from creating top-notch lighting, audio, videography and staging.

Have a backup plan ready

A lot of things can go wrong despite your full attention. For instance, any equipment may stop working in the middle of the event, or the speaker may not be able to make to the event on time for some undue reasons. So, create a list of backup plans to save yourselves from the last-minute fiasco. It will help you a lot.

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How to determine which AV equipment you need for your event

Adore your venue with an amazing ambience

Events with stellar AV equipment score full marks on all levels. However, it’s easier said than done. Thus while setting up the theme, you need to choose the AV equipment carefully otherwise the event may seem like a lackluster.

Top AV equipment rental for the Event

In this regard, here are some top AV equipment rental suggestions to follow.

Visual Display

Video displays have replaced printed texts and printed graphics for a long time now. Events have become more interactive than one-way communication. Video presentations, HD Walls, LED displays, signage, and other forms of visual displays are on the rise. Virtual and Augmented reality is among the new age technologies, adapting, which can make your event stand out from the rest. A couple of large-screen LED TV is ideal for an event with audiences less than 100, while for grand events, you can go for Hi-Res LED Video Walls or 3D projector screens. Other equipment requires for visual display includes a laptop, DVD, computer, etc.

Audio Systems

For small scale events, you require a couple of speakers that deliver clear audio. For larger audiences, you need to hire high-end microphones, speakers, and other relevant equipment. Make sure to book a few audio mixers, since they work great for mixing tracks, manipulating volume levels, and put the ambience in the right tune.

For a single mode of audio, go for unidirectional microphones. Similarly, bidirectional mics work great for exchanging dialogue between two people. Omnidirectional microphones, on the other hand, are the right choice for capturing audio from choirs and vast instrumentals. Headset and lapel microphones eliminate the chance of tripping hazards. Additional audio equipment includes amplifiers, speakers, monitor systems, signal processors, and audio cables.


Par Lights, Strip, scoop, LED stage lights, Beam projector, Fresnel Lantern, etc. are some of the most used lightings in events. You can print texts in the form of illumination through a gobo light. It allows you to add your company name, logo, event slogan, etc. on the wall, floor, and ceiling without making permanent changes at the rented venue. For concerts, you can use dramatic lights that change colors and shifts position along with the audio. Regardless, how you use your lighting, make sure not to leave any dark spots. Once you carefully make a blueprint of the entire AV setting with your event planner, the rest of it becomes a cakewalk.

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