The HD LED TV has redefined and enhanced the meaning of entertainment. It can single-handedly impress, spur interest, and transform a boring occasion into an engaging one. For Trade Shows, training, and Special Events it is not wise to spend a hefty sum on HD LED TV. This is where getting a TV on rent may be a thrifty thing to do.

Here are the few things to remember while renting HD LED TV.

Screen size and condition

The purpose determines what size of screen you should rent. Having an event at a large venue? You might want to display or stream on bigger displays! A 55” or higher might be an excellent choice. Also, the display should be intact, free from any scratch or crack.

Image Quality

Pixels are video signals that reproduce an image. Beware of pixelated images or blurred display. Any loss in pixels may blank out the screen. Switch on and run a thorough test on the TV, check for dead pixels.

High Contrast Ratio for sharp colors

Look for a TV on rent that has higher contrast ratio, the stronger black, and popping colors. If the HD LED TV has black faded to gray or getting internal reflections or with higher optical crosstalk the image will appear washed out.

Impeccable Speakers

Check the sound quality and maximum audio level. The speakers should not emit scratchy or distorted sounds even at high volume. As per your requirements, the audio might even need a sound booster.

Internet connectivity

Everyone feels involved no matter where they may be with the internet. Watch for the TV on rent with smart internet connectivity for live streaming.


Not limited to just accessories, also ensure that all the ports of TV are in working condition. All AV ports, HDMI ports, and USB inlets and outlets should be working to support the accessories. The best thing you can do is attach the accessory that you may need and see if it is working fine. Alternatively, you may ask Rental Service Provider to check the ports with the tester in front of you.

Cables and accessories

Check all the supporting accessories like the HDMI cables or sound bars, whatever your need is accompanied with the TV on rent.

Over time, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals have become a trustworthy and dependable name in the business of renting high-quality products. You will be assisted with help at any point with the best services. Contact Toronto Audio Visual Rentals at 416-628- 3832 to ensure a seamless experience at the competitive rate!

Are You an Aspiring Musician? Promote Yourself with Your Every Own Music Video!


Promote Yourself with Your Every Own Music Video!Let’s face it—making music isn’t everyone’s cup’pa Joe.

It takes hard work, perseverance, inspiration and most importantly—talent. Creative ingenuity is what separates a true artist from an amateur musician. And in most cases, you can tell 5 minutes into watching them perform live.

The next best thing?

Music videos.

It’s the reason why record labels invest heavily on promoting a record, and why they take into account public response before deciding to release a single off an artist’s new album.

A great music video is like a brilliant trailer for an upcoming film.

You might not have heard of the title, you may not know the actors—but a 2 minute teaser will give you a preview of what to expect. Unsurprisingly, a great trailer can make an ordinary film seem like a promising treat, while apoor one can make an extraordinary film seem like a waste of time.

At the end of the day, it’s a powerful way of reeling in consumers and conversely, driving them away—similar to the principles of a music video.

But before discarding the idea of making one to promote your band or independent music, channel your inner artist and remind yourself: it’s a risk worth taking.

After all, what’s the point of making music that never reaches your listeners?

Drop the Beat and Roll the Camera!

As a musician, the process of self-promotion can leave you conflicted. You’re an artist—of course you’d much rather focus on perfecting your craft than thinking of ways to selling your music. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to get duped into blowing ridiculous sums of money on a video production company just to shoot a music video that misrepresents the soul of your lyrics.

There’s a way you can take the creative reins in your hands, and stay true to your art by shooting your very own music video on a budget!

That’s right! You don’t have to have the eye of Stanley Kubrick and the cinematography of Roger Deakins to shoot a video! It’s a music video—not a film! And with your own music playing muse to your directorial skills, you’d be surprised by the creative possibilities offered by the holy matrimony of sound and image.

Don’t have the dough to buy expensive camera equipment and lighting to get started? Say no more!

You can have the latest, cutting edge technology at your disposal, but without a great song, your music video would ultimately be just that—visually appealing.

You’re in the business of making music—and music should take precedence over everything else. That means paying attention to not just the video, but the audio mixing!

We’re big fans of music and do our part to support the local indie scene. This is why we help emerging artists promote their music without going broke!

Toronto Audio Visual Rentalsprovides affordable rental services for audio visual equipment, including, video cameras and lighting on rent.

Contact us for inquiries and let’s get rockin’!