About Toronto Audio Visual Rental Company

About Toronto Audio Visual Rental Company

  • You better not shout,
  • You better not cry,
  • You better not pout—I’m tellin’ you why:
  • Santa Claus is cominnnnn’ to town!

Really? When? What’s he sound like? Will Rudolph be there? Can I see him up close?

Why sing a sweet Christmas carol to your children if it raises their expectations only to be crushed?

Better yet—why not stay true to your word and plan a delightful surprise that adds a whole new meaning to Christmas cheer?

A Christmas Story

‘Tis the season to be jolly, folks!

And there’s nothing worse than seeing your little girl or boy shed a tear at the realization that Santa doesn’t exist (ahem) won’t be able to make it this time around. It’s the gut-wrenching equivalent of seeing them rush to the ornament-laden tree come Christmas morning—only to find no colorful presents waiting for them underneath. Amidst the madness of Christmas shopping, decorating the tree, planning the menu and catching your breath, you’re likely to place your child’s wide-eyed Santa-struck curiosity on the backburner. “We’ll have the talk when it’s time,” you reassure yourself—putting off the whole affair, until the arrival of the big day. One Christmas goes by, then the second, followed by the third. Suddenly it dawns on them—no thanks to you!

Seeing Santa on Christmas!

  • You might think you’re only doing your job. Pulling out all the stops to make sure your child is happy. Running around frantically like a chicken with its head cut off on Christmas eve, making sure everything is in order; the stockings lined up, milk and cookies on the coffee table, plenty of wood in the fireplace to cushion Santa’s fall, and eggnog to drink while laying the whole thing to rest.
  • What else are you supposed to do, anyway? Invite Santa over?
  • Actually—that’s exactly what you should do! Invite him over and celebrate his arrival by planning an activity that’s more sincere than, say, waking up early to finish the milk and cookie left for Kriss Kringle. (We know it was you, Dad!)
  • Did we lose you at “invite Santa over”? Don’t worry; we’ll explain.
  • With the magic of technology, you now have the privilege of not just seeing Santa, but letting him into your homes every time you watch a Christmas classic.
  • Rather than putting off a heartbreaking conversation about Santa being a man with a fake beard representation of joy and celebration to commemorate the birth of Christ, plan a movie night and let the moving images do the talking!
  • Don’t want to spend Christmas Eve in a theater? Not a problem! We’ll bring the theater to you!
  • Toronto Audio Visual Rentals provides affordable rental services for audio visual equipment, including HD projectors, screens, lights and video cameras on rent.
  • This Christmas, put out all the stops to see that sparkle in your children’s eyes as they finally spend Christmas with Santa Claus! Contact us for inquiries and rental charges today!

Projecting Magic: Plan a Spectacular Movie Night with an HD Projector

About Toronto Audio Visual Rental Company

Movie Night: Everyone loves movies. Whether you’re a die-hard Kung-Fu obsessed Bruce Lee fan, a horse-ridin’ cowboy inspired by Sergio Leone Westerns, have a knack bursting intoquotes from Dazed and Confused, or still contemplate the possibility of saving Jack if Rose could just make a little room on the darn plank in Titanic; films have the incomparable ability to touch us in profound ways.

You could be in your 20s or 60s, enjoy musicals or biopics; whatever your interests, background, profession or culture—the moving images of a brightly lit theater screen know no race or religion. They simply tell a moving story, serving as a passion, distraction, friend and reflection.

If you’re a movie maestro with a penchant for film criticism, or simply enjoy taking the edge off with a bucket of popcorn in hand, you probably look forward to movie nights with friends and family.

In the age of Netflix and streaming, however, wide-screen theaters are quickly losing appeal as more and more people prefer the comfort of their homes over the palpable intrigue of a movie theater. And so, they stay back, curl up in bed and behold the bewitching powers of cinema on the measly 15-inch dimensions of their Macbooks (or worse, their miniscule cell-phones and tablets—a filmmaker’s nightmare)!

Pay your respect to the creators of a film you love and cherish by watching it the way it’s meant to be watched!

Celebrate an Old School Classic with a Modern Device

We all know that the timeless beauty of a classic black-and-white film can convert a mundane moment into a meaningful epiphany.

Modern-day technology has given us the unique opportunity to preserve and revisit old cinematic gems on a glorious wide sceen. So why do we insist on abandoning the riches of an age-old tradition that can be celebrated with more pomp and prestige?

Why deprive yourself from seeing a young Marlon Brando on the big screen, burying his face in his palms, as he screams “Stellaaaaa!” in wild agony?

Why watch the heart-warming Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life all alone in your living room when you could be watching it surrounded by friends and family in a private screening, and make a special occasion out of it?

Can’t afford a private theater? Don’t want to invest in a projector for an occasional screening?

We understand—and we have a solution that will help you plan movie night without putting a dent in your wallet!

A Night to Remember!

Movie nights are fun because of two things—the presence of a friendly crowd and the screening of a film everyone’s bound to enjoy.

The first can be arranged by simply choosing who you wish to invite to your special event. The second can be tricky, seeing as private screenings are generally associated with those who either work in the film industry or have the dough to invest in a home theater.

We believe films should be viewed on the big screen in high quality, and accessible to all, regardless of your wealth or social status.

This is why we, at Toronto Audio Visual Rentals, provide affordable rental services for audio visual equipment, including HD projectors to screen your films or home videos without spending twice the amount on making a permanent purchase.

Contact us today at 416-628-3832 for rental charges and rent a projector that revives the joy of movie night!