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Toronto is full of iconic venues to host big events. But, the more venues you view, the more confused you feel. Get started with most popular event with toronto venues listed below and choose the one that suits you the best.

Lavelle Venue

The Lavelle features a beautiful rooftop, modern French eatery, an outdoor pool, and multiple chic bars, which makes it an ideal place to host corporate parties and functions. Located in the exclusive locality of 627 King St W, Toronto, Lavelle is a perfect place to host an event while enjoying the panoramic view of the city.

Stirling Room

Historical architecture, contemporary interiors, and lavish ambiance- The Stirling Room has it all for a spectacular event. The large-sized wooden beams, rusted chandeliers, leather banquettes, hand-carved lounge furniture offer a royal combination of modernization and vintage look. The place can accommodate about 40 to 200 guests for seamless receptions and services.


Wildflower is a sizzling destination in Toronto for young professionals. The venue resides in the prestigious neighborhood of wellington St W, with a sitting capacity of 110 and a standing capacity of 215. It is ideal for hosting corporate gatherings, product launch events, industry premiers, business meetings and more.

Hotel X

The tri-level rooftop SkyBar ’Falcon’ is the primary attention-grabbing element of Hotel X, including other spectacular elements like a gorgeous lake while offering a skyline view of the city. The high park terrace at the venue comes with a secret garden that serves as a retractable enclosure for chilly weather. The glass-enclosed New Fort Hall and the Kandy Gallery makes this place a real paradise for fundraiser, corporate get-together and product launch events.

GotStyle Distillery

The luxurious and rustic distillery serves as an epic venue for throwing stylish parties. Located amidst the cobblestones of the Distillery District, it provides an exquisite backdrop for professional photography and videography.

Eglinton West Art Gallery

Stretched across an area of 28,000 sq-foot with an accommodation capacity of 650 guests, the Eglinton West Art Gallery(EWG) is an excellent site to through lavish events. The venue is split into two separate spaces, allowing you to utilize the area to throw multiple-themed parties.

CSI Annex: Centre for Social Innovation

Located in the beautiful vintage location of Bathurst St., the Annex Centre for Social Innovation offers an ample space of 36,000 Sq. Ft. The whole area comprises five floors, with extensive and distinct features. If you are hosting workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences, and other relevant events, then it would be a perfect budget-friendly venue.

Confused, how to pick the right venue? Let the whole team of Toronto Audio Visual Rentals help you.

5 means for boosting attendee engagement in any event

About Toronto Audio Visual Rental Company

Keeping your audience hooked until the event overs is not an easy task. There could be moments where your audiences will wish to be present somewhere else. To avoid that, you must know about some little tricks those aid towards successful Audience attractions. So, before you prepare yourself for your upcoming event management in Toronto, here are the top five tips to consider.

Jazz up the room

The room size may differ depending on your budget but the decor style should maintain its level. Setting up the stage with LED lights and Moving Heads is the sure-thing to do. While making the lighting, keep the angles towards the stage. In case, you are not sure, pass the task to someone knowledgeable in event management in Toronto.

Sitting arrangement

If you feel the room is small, make the sitting arrangement circular around the speaker. It will increase audience attractions for sure. If the room is big, have quality speakers installed around the corners. Otherwise, people sitting at corners may feel like to be drifted away because of poor listening.

Carry out live polls

Want an effective audience attractions? Ask them to participate in a live poll. It has many forms. Your audience can simply raise their hands against an opinion asked or can share their voice on a one-to-one basis. When they feel their opinion matters, their interest level rises high. However, you need to have quality microphones and other Audio systems to be ready and well-functioning at the moment.

Take help of right technologies.

You have to adopt new ones over the traditional ones. For instance, during a questionnaire session, a wired microphone may not reach all participants owing to limited length issue but a wireless one can be tossed easily between the audiences without any trouble. Similarly to properly coordinate the mass, you may also require intercoms. Intercoms are finding their place in almost every event management in Toronto nowadays.

Non-technical parts

Keeping aside the technical side, you may also need to focus on some other key elements such as choosing the right potential speaker, integration of food and drinks etc. They are equally important.

If you want to make your upcoming event memorable for your audiences and want a supporting hand, go to Toronto Audio Visual Rentals. We can rent all kinds of equipment that your event needs. Also, our event managers are good at audience engagement.

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