Planning a VIP Event? Give Your Guests a Royal Welcome!


So, you wake up one morning with the Monday blues, getting ready for work, shuffling through the mail to see a stack of bills, promotional brochures, a small party or event invitation to your neighbour’s BBQ party and a sealed envelope with a fancy monogram in gold.

You turn the envelope over to see who it’s from. You see your name inscribed in elegant cursive font on the back, a lingering perfumed scent emanating from the contents of the envelope. You carefully unseal the envelope to discover a formal invitation to an exclusive resort beside a gorgeous lake out in the countryside—an evening of fine dining and great music, and a chance to dress up!

At this point, you’re so intrigued by the exclusivity of the invitation that you begin planning your outfit, forgetting your neighbour’s shindig altogether!

Making it Special

Here’s the thing with formal events—they’re meant to make you feel special!

And if you’re organizing one that caters to a VIP guest-list, make no mistake about it: the stakes will be high!

Let’s be honest; if you received the two invitations as described above, you, too, would forget about your neighbour’s BBQ grill! And not because it’s your neighbour—but above all else, the undeniable difference between the quality of the invitations!

Take a moment to think about it.

One is mysterious and exclusive, regal and sophisticated; while the other is casual and laid back. One proclaims, “We’d be honoured to host you at this auspicious occasion”, while the other goes, “It’s cool if you come over—but if not, no biggie!”

Which one are you more likely to attend?

Adding That Extra Touch

Your special event might be at a hotel or a mansion, a club or a restaurant—but your attempts to treat your guests like royalty shouldn’t be confined to the premises.

It all begins with setting the right mood, like playing the right kind of music!

And if you’re interested in making sure your event starts off on the right foot, the best place to start is at the entrance!

That’s right—it’s where you first greet your guests and welcome them to your event. Why not go the extra mile and give them a preview of what to expect?

A special night warrants special arrangements. And what better way to do it than roll down the red carpet and make it a star-studded event, complete with flash photography for a PR boost?

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