Things to take care of when renting a laptop computer


When looking for a laptop computer for rent, there are many things that you have to take care of. Here are a few of the things that you should be careful about:

Check the condition of the laptop

When looking for a  laptop computer for rent, it is important to check the condition of the laptop and get the best one. Check for scratches or dents and make sure that the rental services are aware of any minor damages that are already there so you are not held responsible for them upon the return of the laptop.

Switch on the Laptop and check its usability

Always ask the rental service to let you check the laptop by switching it on and seeing if it is properly functional. Switch the laptop on and see if it has all the required software installed e.g. Microsoft Office.

Check if all the accessories are included

Check that the rental service has included the laptop’s charger, the mouse, a mouse pad, earphones or headset and loud speakers with the laptop computer for rent as per your need.

Check the USB ports

When getting a laptop computer for rent, ensure that the laptop’s USB ports are not dysfunctional. Some rental companies do not want people to plug in USBs because of the possibility of viruses entering the computer so they disable the USB ports. However, if you need to save data to a USB or transfer data from a USB onto the laptop, then do check that the USB ports are functional.

Check the CD Drive of the Laptop

Ask the rental services to provide you with a CD and open the CD drive and check if it is functional or not. Often times, the CD drive is damaged and if you do not check for this before renting the laptop, you could be stuck with a laptop that is not fully functional.

Always ask for the laptop bag

Whenever you are renting a laptop, be sure to take the laptop bag, This helps you take care of the laptop and all its accessories. Keeping the laptop in its proper bag helps prevent damages such as scratches. Also, it makes it easy to carry the laptop and its accessories.

Check for viruses

Ask the rental services to run anti-virus software or a virus scanner before handing over the laptop to you. If the scan reveals that there are many viruses in the laptop, ask for another laptop to be given to you and have that one scanned for viruses too.

Check the sound and audio capability of the laptop

It is important to check the sound of the laptop particularly if your usage of the laptop involves watching videos or listening to music and other audio files. To check the sound, open the browser and go to YouTube or Soundcloud and try playing a video or sound clip. See if it is audible enough and also check the sound quality. If the sound is not audible enough despite being at full volume, you should ask the rental services to provide you with portable speakers.

Once you have checked the laptop as per the above mentioned points, you are good to go and can get a laptop computer for rent without worrying about anything since you have thoroughly checked it. To rent a laptop today, call Toronto Audio Visual Rentals at 416-628-3832. We will beat any Competitors’ price. Plus, we’ll also discount the difference by 15% without compromising on quality and service!

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