Perfect Staging

Every single detail matters! The thing which makes an extraordinary event different from an ordinary event is just the upshot of the word “extra”, that is clubbed complimentary with the word ordinary. The enchantment of these extra inputs goes deep down into every realm of an ordinary event and yields the outcomes which are extraordinary experiences.
Perfect staging is an inevitable segment of event management and is necessary to achieve the professional outcome. If you are going to have the best performers, delegates or celebrities, who will surely add the stars to your event, then make sure that your staging and risers for the event are exemplary in spreading the sparkle of the stars to your audience.

1.Creating Blueprint of the Stage Design

Does your venue have staging in-house? Will you simply need to supplement existing staging, or design and build from scratch?
Stage design is a challenging task to bring out the best way to work with specific spaces and a limited set of possibilities. Stage designers thrive on limitation by using event space in an exclusive way to complement your event speakers and performers, boost your brand imaging, or enhance the message delivered by your presentation.

2.Incorporating Lighting and Sound

Smart lighting design and superb sound are fundamental to meet the aesthetic needs of perfect staging – from large celebrity show and interactive exhibitions down to small talent hunt and everything in between. When lighting and sound goes hand in hand, they act as a magnet to bind the audience with your event and fill the aura with energetic enthusiasm. They have the potential to control the mood of your stage and forge an enduring event atmosphere that’s both eye-catching and unforgettable.

3.Assimilating Visuals

Stage should be as much a feature as what’s happening on it! If you want to add WOW-factor to your event, a simple solution is to incorporate digital widescreen or projector screens into your stage design to present your multimedia content in an interesting and engaging way. These are highly effective when you have a large stage to work with and size-able audience to reach and serve. They beautifully enhance your overall branding and leave a lasting impression.

At Toronto Audio Visual Rentals, it comes all together for perfect staging. Our knowledge, work-experience, expertise, creativity and talent serves as testimony for you to hand off your event’s staging needs to us and free up your time to focus on the myriad of other details that go into a successful event.
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Set your stage right for audience and performers to appraise your event

Stage For Audience

Are you planning an event and do not want to leave any stone unturned to make it a success? Does your check-list include choosing a venue, inviting performers or speakers, sending invites or selling tickets, making on-spot arrangements for catering and décor? Often, perfect staging for an event is put at the bottom of the checklist and not paid much attention. Today stage is the paraphernalia necessary for setting the right mood. It is much more than a podium to deliver the message or to give a performance rather it is the most important factor that reflects the grandeur of any event. Aside from the stunning décor and well-organized event, a stage is an element that can make or break your event.

Here is how you can ensure perfect staging for the event to keep your audience captivated:

Specific Size

What should be the ideal size of the stage for your event? Stage size is determined by the size of the venue, the number of people using the stage at a time, the purpose of its use and your personal choice. The main objective is to make sure that no performer or speaker faces any space issue while on stage and to give the audience a clear view even from far behind.

Perfect Height

At what height should a stage be set up? To ensure that the audience doesn’t have any problem viewing the stage, the height of a stage should be set up according to the peak of audience eyesight. If your event doesn’t require the audience’s viewer engagement like in concerts, the stage can be set up in a high position using risers. This further enables a large number of people to view the stage.

Splendid Lighting

Lighting on stage is majorly used to illuminate and highlight the keynote speaker or performer. It should be clear and sharp so that everyone can perfectly view what’s in front of them. The lighting on stage is also set-up by taking into account photography and video shooting. Moreover, perfect lighting also has an impressive ability to transform the feel of an event. It ensures to create the right mood, deliver the right message at the right time. Various effects can be created by playing with different types of lights and lighting techniques. You should also be aware of the lighting set up that would complement the purpose of your event.

Supreme Sound System

The sound is equally as important as lights. If you do not have a supreme sound system for stage, it can drastically worsen the experience of the audience. For example, crackling speakers, buzzing and humming from the speakers can make the audience strain their ears. Furthermore, the sound is crucial to staging design because it is the means through which the message of the event will reach the audience. The effect you want to leave on the audience can be differentiated using sound. For example, if you want to energize and excite the audience, you will need tempo music or if you want to convey something serious, you will have way sombre music.

State-of-the-art Audio Visual technology

With advancements in technology, there are numerous options other than lighting or sound to create an ever-lasting impact on your audience. AV technologies when used creatively and in a unique way cannot only affect what your audience sees but can transform their entire experience. They add special effects to the already lit-up stage. One of the examples of this is the art of projection of mapping in which multiple projectors are used to create the large visually impactful display.

To create perfect staging for the event and to give your audience an immersive experience, look no further because Toronto Audio Visual Rentals is here to provide high-quality staging and risers for an event on rent. We also deliver stage services equipped with a professional and experienced team to manage and execute the whole setup for a perfect stage. You can find solutions to all your needs to create perfect staging for the event with us.