Right Lightning For Your Event

Lighting is one of those things that’s easy to take for granted. When the lighting in a restaurant or at an event is charming, you may enjoy the atmosphere without even realizing it’s due to the lighting. On the flip side, sometimes, places with harsh, clinical lighting can feel cold and alienating.What type of lighting is right for your event? There’s no such thing as a lighting scheme that works universally for every event. Instead, it’s better to tour some lighting options and see how they can complement whatever event you’re hosting.
We’re proud to be one of the leading AV companies in Toronto, offering top-tier lighting rentals and any type of event support you need. We can consult about what lighting will work best for your specific event, help set it up the day of, and even oversee the lighting console during the event itself. But first, please read about some different lighting options we offer.


Spotlights are a classic way to help the audience see a guest speaker or performer and elevate the importance of whoever’s on stage. Being in a spotlight signals on some unconscious level that a person matters.
Spotlights let you create a theatrical effect and illuminate the lead talent. If you’re looking for event lighting rental in Toronto because you need high-quality spotlights, you’ve come to the right place.We always ensure that the equipment we rent out works properly before it arrives, so you can feel confident that your event will run smoothly and will be sufficiently bright.


Stage Lighting

Sometimes, you can have the most wondrous spectacles on stage or the most engaging speakers, but they won’t translate properly to the audience unless they’re properly lighted. We offer stage lighting rentals for every occasion that will transform your event by lighting up its soul.We believe that things should be seen in their best light — an expression we take literally, not figuratively. You owe it to your audience and the talent on stage to set them up for success, and flattering lighting plays a huge role.
Most people don’t know how to work a lighting console, and that’s OK — it’s not like flicking a light switch or turning a bulb on and off. We have Whole Hog 4 consoles, Master Wing 4s, Vista M1 Control Surfaces, Leprecon LP 624s, and other systems that will impress audiences. Let us know which console you’re looking to rent, or tell us how you think the event should feel, and we’ll recommend a suitable system.
Also, let us know if you need us to work the high-end lighting consoles during the event. The lighting equipment itself is all excellent, but you’ll enjoy its highest performance with a professional helm the console.

LED Lighting

LED lights can be a revelation because of the variety of effects they create. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are way more energy efficient and safer, but even these beneficial practicalities aside, they simply look incredible and help take a party to new heights.
The impact of LED lighting is palpable when the lights get going, with colours turning and spinning kaleidoscopically in dazzling patterns. Lighting sets the mood at an event, and LED lights signal that the time for speeches and formalities is over and the party has really begun.
We have a range of high-quality LED lights available for rental and are happy to consult on what each one can do. You may be surprised to learn how different they are from each other. LEDs are perfect for turning an empty space into a dance floor, but they can also make your trade conference display livelier or add pizzazz in other scenarios. For lighting that will effortlessly dazzle and amaze and instantly transform any space, LED lights are excellent.

Moving Head Lights

A party or event feels more substantial when the lighting is taken to yet another level. Seeing racks of fixed lights with moving heads that change in colour and direction creates such an effect. The best moving head lighting can elevate things and kick the night’s spirits up a notch. Toronto Audio Visual Rental offers many different types of moving head lights, including the MAC Viper Performance, with its impressive speed, superior light quality, and beautiful colours all on the 1000-watt lamp.
You might see a light on a rack and think they’re all more or less the same, but the technical differences in styles, output, and other criteria can be substantial. Speak to us about what vibe you’re looking to create, and we’ll connect you with the equipment you need. You don’t need to be an expert in lighting — that’s our job! Whatever you need to get the event rolling, we’ll do it all. Our moving head lights will move you and your event’s guests.

Conventional Lighting

Sometimes, the right lighting scheme for an event is more subdued and ordinary. You need lighting that highlights certain sections of the room, but generally exists to help people see. More formal work functions, trade shows, conferences, and other type of staid affairs need to be lit up properly, too. We offer a range of top-tier conventional lighting equipment for every type of event you can hold. We will be by your side throughout the planning and can even ensure everything is set up properly before your guests arrive.
Do you need somebody to run the console itself during the event? Toronto Audio Visual Rentals handles all aspects of console lighting, including controlling the lighting while the event is in progress. Our professional support staff can be at your side throughout the event, ensuring that everything works as it should so you’re free to connect with clients, customers, partners, or any other event attendees. The lights we have on hand are only top named brands in excellent working condition. Contact us for all your lighting needs today and we’ll make your event truly shine.