Live Streaming Services

Are you looking for a live streaming service that can help you live stream your event? No matter if you like to webcast your event or you are planning a live event filming, our team of live-streaming professionals got you covered!

Your online audience must be way more than passive viewers. If you offer them a memorable and engaging experience, you are supporting the future of your event – and your organization as well. Indeed, we could astonish you with techy talk about our live streaming capabilities.

For now, we will say this. Offering your audience with dependable streaming solutions is just the start of what we could do.

Grow Your Brand and Connect With Your Audience with a Professional Virtual Live Streaming

We are the leader in live streaming services for all events across Toronto. We have personalized technology that will enable you to connect across boards with existing new event audiences online.

Grow your audience, market your new product, communicate to your new team, or sell a new feature. We can provide you with a one-of-a-kind live streaming service, social media streaming, live access with one demand content while matching your current brand messaging.

Our live streaming technology is of interest to about all institutions and companies such as:

  • Promotion and Communication Streaming
  • Sports Event Streaming
  • Nonprofit and Charities Streaming
  • Industry-Groups and Associations Streaming
  • Medical Streaming
  • Government Streaming
  • Education Streaming
  • Corporate Streaming

Motivate Your Audience Online & Engage with Suppliers, Clients, and Peers at Your Virtual Event

Our team understands that effective execution of event live streaming will improve and widen your event landscape, particularly social media, and live online audience. Count on us to talk about your requirements and make the most of your online engagement with the best range of streaming technologies.

Boost audience engagement. Add the perks of active engagement from other apps and websites. Chatrooms, Q&A, and social media combined could boost the streaming engagement of your event. Today, you can harness the power of social media! Get sponsorship opportunities. Maximize the perks of sponsorship engagement along with our virtual live streaming solutions. Ads could be displayed through rotating banner ads, logos, and videos. Sponsorship is an excellent way to market benefits and boost ROI. Live stream or on-demand. Many uses for event streaming is either live stream or on-demand. Are you doing regular commerce? Do you deliver training and seminars events? Our live streaming has the advantage of raising your revenue. Interact with a new audience. Why don’t you move your event online so you can reach new audiences with live streaming? Our technology enables your organization to reach both local and global audiences that weren’t accessible previously because of conflicting timeline and locations.

Don’t Put the Reputation of Your Organization at Risk by Having a Failed Live Stream At Your Toronto Events!

Leave the hesitation with technology in good hands. Concentrate on serving your stakeholders, executives, and online viewers with a smooth viewing experience.

Our Live Streaming Services Include:

Digital Rights Management

You can rest assured that we safeguard your video footage and its content against any hijacking.

Consulting, Training & Support

Do you plan to set up an in-house system to broadcast and record your event? Don’t worry because we will also help you choose the best products for your requirements. We will also teach you how to utilize them efficiently.

Pay-Per-View Events/Pay-Per-View Subscription Events

If you want to charge your viewers for entertainment, training, or education.

On-Demand Webcasts

We will provide your viewers with the convenience and flexibility to watch anytime in the future

Live Webcasting

This is perfect for maximum impact and instant communication. More audience could attend without having to travel, hence saving you money and time.

We will customize a complete solution, no matter what type of event and size of the audience you have. This could consist of one camera or multiple cameras, as well as vision mixes to capture the occasion. We also provide synchronized slides, which match your live stream, especially if PowerPoint is part of the presentation.

Our live streaming services are compatible with all platforms to guarantee ease of access for all your viewers. For maximum viewing of your live events, we offer a web link, which could be shown and emailed in advance.

Hire the Best Live Streaming Team Today in City

Stream Your Events

Event streaming and filming is what we do each day. Our team is confident we can support you connect with your audience. We always love a new challenge. So do not hesitate to call us to talk about your latest idea, project or webcast

Your #1 Virtual Streaming Partner

We continuously work with event organizers, venues, and production companies to provide their clients with a live streaming service.

Live Event Filming

We know how essential your conference is. Thus, you can rest assured we only send a highly trained and professional crew with the latest tools and equipment. Trust us. We have streamed and filmed some of the biggest brands, events, and charities across the region.

If you are simply seeking advanced technology, professional credibility, guaranteed reliability, industry recognition, and broadcasting quality, we are the name to call.

We always keep up with the latest developments and take advantage of advanced audio and video technology. We always aim to offer our clients with top-notch live streaming solutions.

Our services will make sure you’re able to stream your audio and video broadcast live to your audience across Toronto, or if you need it, across the globe. We’re also able to help with making your video on-demand platforms to widen access to your quality content.

A live streaming consultant will offer you with bespoke service, so the solution we create is customized to meet your needs. We work closely with the most highly experienced and trained live stream experts in the field to bring your live streaming event to life.

Our goal is to establish a hassle-free live streaming solution, which meets all of your requirements.

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