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Portable stage is the term for the pieces of portable, elevating flooring that is utilized to create a platform for special occasions. In case you didn’t know, these platforms come in a wide array of sizes. You could easily form a temporary stage when you attach them, which fits the needs of your event.

Events that often require the use of staffing include parties, weddings, fundraisers, and speeches, among others. Apart from offering an appropriate platform, a portable stage rental is a vital support for sound and lighting systems.

Commonly, the staging for special events is low to the surface. Typical heights range from eight inches to twenty-four inches. What’s more, staging comes in small parts so you can make the most of the convenience and speed of the setup as well as breakdown procedure. Take note that the access to elevated temporary platforms needs the usage of properly sized portable platform stages.

Today, you can easily add an appropriate finished look to your platform along with skirting that conceals the fundamental support structure.

We stock a broad spectrum of sectional staging for you. Rest assured that our inventory has all common sizes and common heights. We also bring a matching inventory of platforms skirting and steps, together with all the needed accessories needed for your staging requirements.

Rent High-Quality Portable Stage Rentals with Us Today!

We offer Toronto stage rentals at very competitive prices. No matter if you need to rent a themed cruise stage, college game day set stage, VIP bat stage, front of house stage, speaking event stage, political event stage, festival stage, audio demo stage, graduation stage, band stage or a concert stage, our portable stage rental services in Toronto got you covered!

You can rest assured that our mobile stage rentals are of superior quality. In fact, we have stages with root systems, stages without a roof, and stages with cover as well. Each of our rental stages is 100% certified and inspected.

If you are only seeking a turnkey package or just a stage, we could help you today!

Why a Portable Stage Rental?

For many years, the festival and fair sector designed platforms on the ground and they brought in an unconnected roof system to swing the sound and lighting. Other nations discovered that a complete structure designed to endure rain, wind, and the strains of transport did much better when it comes to set up period, safety, and ease of use.

For us, a portable stage rental is our only option when we talk about offering a comprehensive stage and integrated roof for your next event, festival, fair, and concert. Renting only certified stages means we are presenting the safest equipment available in the industry.

Our portable stages are re-qualified each year for optimum operation and safety. Not to mention that our technicians bring a documentation that they have been trained properly on the equipment. Therefore, you can expect only the finest and contend that your provider highlight your their safety as well as technician certifications.

We run a fleet of portable stages deliberately located across Toronto. Our resilient network provides a local service, a complete array of portable stage rentals as well as promotional units. The best part is that each of the needed flexibility respond rapidly to any request, no matter if it’s a single event or a national tour.

We remain the number one partner of mobile stages to major event organizers throughout Toronto by presenting the highest level of service, a smooth track record, and continuous accessibility of equipment. You can rest assured that we only present efficiency and innovation to organizing exterior events.

Why Should You Get a Portable Stage Rental at Our Team?

Additional equipment and decks

We stock a wide array of decks and offer two stairways on request. On top of that, we have an entire inventory of decks to make integrated loading docks.


Did you know we set up portable stages almost every weekend? We have driven them on the most expensive fields in existence and backed them into places you would have a difficult time getting into with a minivan.

If Portable Stage Rental is What You’re Looking for, You’ve Come to the Right Place!

If you are currently hosting an event and searching for a stage, you have come to the perfect place. Our company have been offering portable stage rental services for many years. We’d want you to think that we know our stuff when we talk about numerous stage layouts, applications, surfaces, and what might work best for you.

Our inventory of portable stage enables us to take on the biggest jobs in the sector. We use modern software to reveal to you what your stage will look like before the event takes place. No matter if you need automobile stage rental, round stage rental, pool cover stage rental, runway rental, mobile stage rental, or concert stage rental, we’ve got you covered!

Located in Toronto, we are committed to helping you find the ideal stage rental and equip for your event production. Since our inception, we have been aiming to make long lasting relationships with our clients. We ensure that you can depend on our team to get a top-notch event experience.

If you are seeking to rent a stage or a portable stage, we provide a wide array of configurations to support your event. On top of that, our rental stages could be configured in numerous ways to personalize your event, placed over steps and hills, sit on uneven surfaces, and a lot more innovative features for our staging.

You can rest assured we have the expertise and equipment you need for festival events, live concert, as well as a live festival stage production for the Toronto marketspace.

Let us know today what we could for you by giving us a call. We are always here to ensure you don’t need to think about anything. Gee a free portable stage rental quote today by calling us at 416+628+3832!


Option # 1

Set Up and Onsite Technicians

Delivery, Set Up + Onsite Technicians

We can help you organize a wide variety of events such as Trade shows, meetings, seminars, conferences, sales meetings,product launches, press conferences and more..

Suggested for Events that need full AV production and require Onsite attention to detail.

Option # 2


Delivery and Set Up

Our professional technician will deliver, set up, and test your equipment.They'll pack up the equipment after your event and take it away.

Suggested for Meetings, trade shows, or smaller events needing equipment like projectors, screens, sound systems, TVs, and video walls.

Option # 3

Courier Delivery

DIY: Courier Delivery

We will have our Equipment delivered to the location of your choosing.

Suggested for Rentals like iPads, Flipcharts, small Projectors, and laptops