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The use of simultaneous translation services is essential to the success of any event. One of the major goals is to accomplish accurate and efficient communication. This modality of translation needs the usage of equipment. Hence, allowing the communication to audiences. Most of the time, experienced simultaneous translation work in duos to be able to keep the deliberation needed to do the assignment at hand.

Our accomplished simultaneous translators typically work in couples and utilize the best technology to present exact explanations and smooth services. We also utilize high-tech equipment for uninterrupted translators.

Our inclusive approach to project planning, as well as prompt delivery of top-notch services and equipment, could save you a huge amount of time and money. Interpretation goes beyond basic fluency in numerous languages. When simultaneous interpretation is performed properly, every attendee feels included, and the event runs flawlessly without disruptions to the flow of the program.

We provide simultaneous interpretation services that provide an experienced and trained interpreter as well as the needed technology equipment upon request. You can rest assured that our simultaneous project manager will collaborate with you throughout the planning process all throughout the actual event.

If you are seeking a language solution relating to your events, we provide everything you need to make sure the communication is 100% flawless – from the translation of materials before the event to the simultaneous interpretation services and equipment for the actual event.

In addition to that, our simultaneous translators cover a plethora of major languages and all major industries. We make sure that our translators are all subject matter specialists, letting them offer a constant flow of interpretation using the proper phrasing and terminology. That guarantees your audiences are never confused or lost in translation.

High-Quality Simultaneous Translation Services

No matter if you prefer digital or analog consoles, portable IR or RF receivers, tabletop, or full-size interpretation booths, our products present crisp sound to every attendee, whatever how many rooms or languages are in use. Allow our trained and qualified project leader to deal with your future special event, meeting, or conference.

We have the best project management. Our onsite project managers work closely with you and the audio team at your venture to guarantee a flawless and efficient event. We organize for everything you need from canceled flights to last-minute program changes.

We have interpreters with prepared translations. Get rid of the stress in planning language needs for your conference and meeting. We know the significance of conveying your message with the semantic meaning and the proper cultural impact. We furnish a friendly and dedicated translator to recruit, test, and handle your industry-specific occasion.

We have advanced technology. Our translator coordinator will get translators trained with your industry terminology for flawless simultaneous translation services. No matter if you pick infrared transmission or radiofrequency, our devices will provide a clean and clear sound in every language.

Our simultaneous translation equipment is custom built to our own specification to present reasonable solutions for events of every size.

Why Hire Our Simultaneous Interpretation Services?

We offer world-class simultaneous interpretation services and advanced equipment to make sure each message is conveyed specifically as intended. Allow us to save you money and time by providing:


We could supply translators in many different languages. Our simultaneous interpreter comes from different backgrounds, and they have at least five years of simultaneous interpretation experience.

Access to translators

We could confidently present suitable translators for your event with a huge number of simultaneous interpreters on our database gone down into industry knowledge and language.


We stock the current digital infrared simultaneous interpretation systems as well that are the industry standard. It ranges from tour guide systems and impenetrable translation booths to representative headsets.

Interpretation equipment

We have one of the biggest stocks of simultaneous interpretation equipment in Toronto. On top of that, we have built professional expertise in the delivery of translation facilities as well.

Friendly and helpful team

Our entire team, from our technician to our account managers, aims to offer superior simultaneous interpretation services. This covers being helpful to make sure service levels are always met.

Industry experience

With many years of experience in the event sector and having supported thousands of events, we are suitably placed to offer you with the support required for your events.

Inclusive list of services

We are a full-service event production company and provide a one-stop-shop for each of our clients. What’s more, our service offering is composed of hire event production and audiovisual rental.

Friendly and dedicated account manager

Every client is allocated with an account manager who will learn and understand your requirements. We will ensure the service is presented in accordance to your needs.

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