Audio Rental

Sound Equipment Rental

Toronto Audio Visual Rentals strives to ensure that whenever you speak, everyone gets to hear it. When the music plays, everyone dances and rejoices to its amazing sound. The sound radiating from our sound equipment will fill the entire room, allowing people seated far from the stage to hear the sound clearly.

No event is complete without there being a proper sound system. Our first-class sound equipment rental has become the go-to choice for charity events, galas, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, event production, VIP events, and other general events.

Sound equipment that exceeds your expectations!

We provide affordable and scalable audio systems to accommodate crowds of various sizes. Your message will reach everyone in the room, which is essential if you are hosting conferences and meetings.

When it comes to on-time delivery, expect our team of highly qualified and experienced sound engineers to show up and set-up the sound equipment on time. We will perform a soundcheck to ensure everything is working properly.

Our sound technicians will be present at the event to ensure there are no hiccups in between and your event goes on smoothly. With us helping you perfect sound, using the latest technology in amplifiers, mixing consoles, and loudspeakers, your event will be one to remember!

But wait, don’t hear it from us. Hear it from the visitors at your event who will evidently be enjoying clear sound and music being emitted from our high-tech sound equipment. Our sound equipment has not failed anyone yet, and we can assure you that no exceptions will be made.

Our sound equipment rental has become the go-to solution of multiple businesses for several reasons — our commitment, promise, dedication, and guarantee to provide clients with one of the best sound experiences to date continues to attract businesses from far and wide.

We want to help you put on an incredible show with sound equipment that you will want to use not once or twice, but every time you host an event! Without sound, your visitors will turn away and your event will be a flop! So, don’t take that chance and go with just any company, but a company like ours — one that does not only promise to delivers excellent sounds, but actually stays true to its word!

You want a reliable and reputable company to handle all your sound equipment needs. We are that company!

Our tried and tested audio equipment will not disappoint you. Our technical support team will be on site to make sure nothing goes wrong with the sound. If you are searching for a company that can make the venue come alive with sound, do not look no further than us — Toronto Audio Visual Rentals.


Option # 1

Set Up and Onsite Technicians

Delivery, Set Up + Onsite Technicians

We can help you organize a wide variety of events such as Trade shows, meetings, seminars, conferences, sales meetings,product launches, press conferences and more..

Suggested for Events that need full AV production and require Onsite attention to detail.

Option # 2


Delivery and Set Up

Our professional technician will deliver, set up, and test your equipment.They'll pack up the equipment after your event and take it away.

Suggested for Meetings, trade shows, or smaller events needing equipment like projectors, screens, sound systems, TVs, and video walls.

Option # 3

Courier Delivery

DIY: Courier Delivery

We will have our Equipment delivered to the location of your choosing.

Suggested for Rentals like iPads, Flipcharts, small Projectors, and laptops