Speaker rental toronto packages

Speaker Rental Packages Toronto

Looking for speakers that can energize the audience at your event and help engage as well as interact with them? Toronto Audio Visual Rentals brings to you the best audio equipment.

Imagine you are hosting a grand event, with a large audience and numerous distinguished guests.

Everything is on spot – the delicious food, extraordinary décor, mesmerizing visuals, and stunning lighting – except one thing: the sound system. The speakers are causing distortion, and the sound is simply not loud enough. Hence, neither will you be able to engage and entertain the crowd, nor will you be able to interact with them. It will literally take the life out of your event, rendering it unsuccessful. 

You surely don't want that, do you?

Audio is an integral part of any event. That is why opting for advanced sound equipment solutions for your event is vital. It will boost communication and allow you to keep your audience energized as well as entertained. At Toronto Audio Visual Rentals, we realize the importance of speakers and how they can help transform an event to provide an outstanding experience. 

Are you organizing an event and want to rent sound system? Is it a party, wedding, organizational meeting, gala, conference, seminar, or a live event of any sort?

Whatever the event may be, Toronto Audio Visual Rentals brings to you top of the line audio equipment. 

Here's what we offer you. 

Quality: Our highest preference 

It is not our goals but indeed our norm to ensure that we deliver top quality speakers to our customers. You can rent a sound system without being worried about the distortion of voice or low-quality sound. We only carry with us the very best equipment from specialized brands.

On top of this, we constantly update our inventory to include the latest products so that we can provide the best customer experience possible. All our products are carefully checked prior to an event in order to ensure that they work perfectly. 


Customized products

Our company is built to facilitate our customers, which is why it is a customized brand that recognizes your needs and then incorporates it in our products to provide you with the best service. 

If you want to enjoy loud music and are looking to rent speakers for a party, we have got a range of speakers that can amplify the whole atmosphere. If you want to rent speaker that can support Bluetooth or microphones, we won't let you down here either.

In short, we have gathered all the types of speakers for you at one place. Isn't that great?

In case you have any specific requirements and needs, you simply have to inform our representative and we will leave customize the audio solutions accordingly. 


All that you need

With our extensive range of audio solutions, we guarantee to fulfil all your desires. From speakers, microphones, amplifiers, mixers, compressors, EQs, to subwoofers, we have it all. 

Not only this, but we also have speakers that can support different functionality according to your demands. They can be connected to any portable device, be it laptops, mobile phones, and microphones. 

You can also benefit from the expertise of our experienced and professional audio consultants. Right from planning the event and helping you find the exact setup as well as solutions for your event, to actually setting it up and ensuring everything works seamlessly on the day of the event, we can do it all for you. 


Easy to carry

It is not unusual that people need to carry speakers with them, and that is why we have a range of portable system rental. These are light to carry and easy to handle speakers which can be effortlessly transferred from place to place.

Your comfort and satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we won't hesitate to go the extra mile for that.


Why waste time? 

Our mission is to make your dream event come true. We provide the most reasonable pricing and personalized packages based on your specific order so that you can use the best without burdening your pocket. 

When all that you need is available under one roof than what are you waiting for? 

Avail the holistic speaker rental services of Toronto Audio Visual Rental. Book now!


Option # 1

Delivery, Set Up + Onsite Technicians

Delivery, Set Up + Onsite Technicians

We can help you organize a wide variety of events such as Trade shows, meetings, seminars, conferences, sales meetings,product launches, press conferences and more..

Suggested for Events that need full AV production and require Onsite attention to detail.

Option # 2


Delivery and Set Up

Our professional technician will deliver, set up, and test your equipment.They'll pack up the equipment after your event and take it away.

Suggested for Meetings, trade shows, or smaller events needing equipment like projectors, screens, sound systems, TVs, and video walls.

Option # 3

DIY: Courier Delivery

DIY: Courier Delivery

We will have our Equipment delivered to the location of your choosing.

Suggested for Rentals like iPads, Flipcharts, small Projectors, and laptops