Microphone and Speaker Rental Service

Microphone and Speaker Rental Toronto

All great performances rely on a stellar sound system—be they in big antique theaters in the form of an adapted play, or in small cafés in the shape of a live musical act.

If you’ve worked with sound before, in filmmaking or music, post-production or audio-mixing—you already know how big a difference a small imperfection in sound can make.

With a poor quality microphone and even worse speakers, anything you say suddenly becomes subject to question as words come off muffled or simply get distorted—in many cases, opening a gateway to misinterpretation and miscommunication.

You could be involved in an important event or be responsible for organizing a special performance—without the crutches of a solid audio system, you’re essentially settling for subpar quality.

Toronto Audio Visual Rentals has been in the business of organizing events for a host of clients from various industries, such as organizers, planners, event managers, producers, marketing organizations and corporate customers.

We offer a wide selection of Microphones to cater to a diverse range of events, including:

In our experience working with professionals, aspiring artists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs, we understand just how important it is to pay attention to detail.

Unfortunately, due to a plethora of companies offering low quality audio equipment, performances are likely to suffer from poor delivery—subsequently affecting the interaction between the speaker/performer and the audience.

Toronto Audio Visual Rentals comprises a team of dynamic tech experts who go the extra mile to ensure the best audiovisual experience!


Option # 1

Delivery, Set Up + Onsite Technicians

Delivery, Set Up + Onsite Technicians

We can help you organize a wide variety of events such as Trade shows, meetings, seminars, conferences, sales meetings,product launches, press conferences and more..

Suggested for Events that need full AV production and require Onsite attention to detail.

Option # 2


Delivery and Set Up

Our professional technician will deliver, set up, and test your equipment.They'll pack up the equipment after your event and take it away.

Suggested for Meetings, trade shows, or smaller events needing equipment like projectors, screens, sound systems, TVs, and video walls.

Option # 3

Courier Delivery

DIY: Courier Delivery

We will have our Equipment delivered to the location of your choosing.

Suggested for Rentals like iPads, Flipcharts, small Projectors, and laptops