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The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel - Audio Visual Provider

It is easy and fun to find a perfect venue for a convention, business meeting, social event, or training in Toronto.

The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel has been a popular venue for big social gatherings, seminars, and other business-related events. Its facilities are top-notch. The check-in and departure, for example, is fast and effortless. Quality shops are also available where you can purchase affordable and feature-packed items. The rooftop terrace allows travelers and business owners to witness the picturesque skyline.

All rooms are tailored with a bath spa with room service, refrigerator, satellite TV, coffee making facilities, bar, hairdryer, and other packages.

The parking lots are spacious that can accommodate a great number of vehicles. They are easy to navigate and safe.

The Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel has been known because of the exquisite dining experience, world-class tourism, top sightseeing adventures, and more.

It’s no surprise why it is the number one option for businesses of any size to kick off their upcoming and special event.

Toronto AV - The Leading Expert of Quality AV Production

Since you have chosen a luxury venue for a conference or training, it’s time to look for a hotel audio visual specialist.

Yes, there are various experts to pick, but Toronto AV is a reputed name in this industry. Careful planning, effective communication, and a diverse team of professionals have been associated with our reputation since day one.

What Makes us the Number One AV Production Expert?

Create an Experience that Inspires Others

Our dedicated professionals work together to provide an effective event planning experience to our valued clients.

Our passion and unique knowledge with a combination of the latest technology and the highest level of creativity will make your conference/seminar one of the much-awaited events of the century.

Unrivaled Resources

From on-site to technical resources, Toronto AV has them all. We are also surrounded by a great number of trained and skilled professionals that you shouldn’t miss.

We will guarantee that your event receives creative direction, research-based solutions, individual attention, reliable care, and the right amount of commitment to take the maximum impact to the next level.

Enjoy the Right Hotel Audio Visual Services

Toronto AV has been an expert on award-winning AV solutions for different corporate events.

As one of the most reliable event production experts in the country, we are a one-stop-shop for all your unique requirements, goals, and needs.

Let our passionate and technical teams handle your project while you can unwind and witness the beauty of the Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel.

Packed with the right technology, we also have years of experience with a combination of our creative minds. We do not stay in our comfort zone. We search for ideas and incorporate our thoughts to make something unique and memorable.

We also follow the industry’s best practices to level up your joy and happiness.

Success Starts with a Great AV

At Toronto AV, we believe in the power of designing sensory experiences to create a successful and remarkable event.

By maximizing the potential of AV equipment, we capture the attendee’s interest and attention, create an unforgettable environment and use high-end visuals/sound/lighting.

With our years of experience of providing complete audio visual solutions, we have the technology and creative edge to turn an ordinary event into a fun, extraordinary, and interactive experience.

When you’re hosting an event in the Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel, you can count on Toronto AV.

As the leading AV provider of many five star venues, we serve different parts of Toronto and other surrounding areas in Canada.

A Well-Tailored AV Strategy to Events of All Sizes

For events of any size, we use a tailored approach with a touch of luxury, style, design, and other production elements, delivering a seamless and interactive experience.

Our trained AV team is committed to bringing the client’s vision to life. We only utilize the latest screens, LED, projectors, plasmas, 3D projection mapping, edge blending, high-end playback, and other technologies in High Definition.

No matter the size of your conference or corporate event, you can have peace of mind with Toronto AV. We dispatch the best team directly to your chosen venue.

Tested, Effective, and High-Quality AV Equipment

Since day one, we’ve only been using the most trusted brands of AV equipment that will meet your requirements,

Our staff hand-pick and test our technologies to uphold our quality and innovative standards.

Serving Toronto for years now, we know the AV materials that will communicate your message to your target audience and make your desired outcome happen in no time.

We have a variety of trusted AV technology that will best suit your unique event requirements. We provide innovative audio & vision systems. Plus, we deliver a quality projector, microphone, and other top-notch accessories for all.

Most Sought-After Creativity

We have handled a number of events in the Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel and other five star hotels in the country.

How do we make these events unique? We have a diverse and creative team that will craft new and effective ways to communicate your message.

Our AV specialists continue to grow to offer trends in the industry. We spend time doing careful research and combining with our unrivaled experience.

The Place to Find the Most Dedicated Team

We respond to every call with a smile and a solution. We develop your idea and give justice to last-minute changes.

We answer the client’s questions and other concerns with accommodating and 100% responsive customer support.

We handle any kind of technical problem right away. We don’t leave them unattended for minutes to avoid pressure, discomfort, and worries.

We Love Different Events

It’s our passion to make your event at the Sheraton Center Toronto Hotel a success. We love seeing business kick off a unique and remarkable conference.

We’re Local

Yes, you read it right! Toronto AV is the trusted hotel audio visual expert in Toronto. Feel free to give us a call!

Get a free quote or schedule a consultation today!