toronto conference audio visual services

Toronto Conference Audio Visual Services

Toronto Audio Visual is a flexible, certified, licensed, and experienced expert in audio visual service. We have a competitive, passionate, trained, and creative team. We have a complete AV solution for your events, using the latest technologies that can meet the industry’s best practices and trends.

Why Do Organizations Use Corporate Presentations?

Toronto-based businesses provide corporate presentations to capture the interest of their target market, promote products, find new ideas, or train staff.

A corporate event makes it more convenient to engage your audience. This leads to great web traffic, a pool of new customers, and a high return on investment.

A DIY Event Production

Many startups or well-established companies make their event a DIY project. This is possible when they have prior experience or full access to the latest technologies. It saves some cash while boosting confidence and privacy.

A DIY event production is not as easy as you imagine. There are many responsibilities upon your shoulders. The audio visual service from a professional is a different case.

The Possibilities from Toronto AV

In a DIY corporate presentation, the risk of failures is higher than you’ve thought.

As a business owner, it is important to get the project done right the first time to establish your reputation and create a presence in the industry.

As a certified specialist in audio visual service, we guarantee beautiful staging, excellent visuals, and feature-packed sound systems.

Your upcoming conference will surely leave your audience with attractive information and other new ideas.

Conference Audio Visual Equipment

Apart from a highly dedicated team, we have an extensive collection of conference audio visual equipment. We only provide top-quality materials for our clients. We use tested and effective technology for all projects in Toronto.

What are Your Options?

Projectors - You’re searching for 3D projection for videos without a good result. You have come to the most trusted place in the country. We provide something custom-built, flexible, cost-effective, and portable.

Video Wall - Our video wall rental is ideal for conferences, awards ceremonies, or trade shows. We have IP65 panels and indoor products. We also have the widest selection of video walls with size ranges from 46 to 55 inches.

AV Equipment - For audio equipment, we have speakers, amplifiers, microphones, in-ear monitoring systems, mixers, smart audio analyzers, and more. Please feel free to browse our website for more information.

For visual packages, we have video panels, LED TV, LCD video walls, projectors, screens, switches, server, controller, etc.

AV Accessories for Presentation - We’re equipped with a presentation timer, laser pointer, wireless clicker, markers, paper pad, scanners, communication systems, and printers as well.

Accessories for Trade Show - Do you need trade show or decor accessories? We have innovative, long-lasting, and affordable solutions. Popular options include an acrylic podium, truss valance, stairs, velour drape, tech scrims, and red carpet.

Our Installation Services

One of the hassles of DIY event production is the installation of equipment.

Do you have a flexible team that can handle such a heavy-duty task? Do you also have the technology to streamline the process?

Toronto AV has been established to help everyone. We do not only specialize in conference audio visual equipment rental, but we also offer a quick setup.

Our team has done the installation a couple of times already, so we can finish the installation according to your requirements, safety, and convenience.

Improper AV equipment setup can lead to technical problems. Don’t worry! We finish the process without compromising your satisfaction.

While there’s a team that handles the stage, there is also a group of trained professionals that will deal with the setup of lighting units and decors.

Whatever the size of your event, we can surpass the hectic schedule and meet the deadline.

What Sets Us Apart

One-On-One Customized Audio Visual Service

From the consultation to the review of your event, we won’t leave you behind. We will stay with you the entire process. We’ll also modify our AV services to fulfill your goals and make your target customers happy.

Free and Reliable Site Inspections

For small or large conferences, we will send a team of professionals to your desired venue. After a minute of inspection, we will create floor plans and provide an honest appraisal. We encourage our clients to raise their questions during the consultation.

Budget and Quality Driven Goals

At Toronto AV, we offer upfront costs and work within the client’s budget. Yes, some businesses are on a tight budget. Good news! Our experts will still use a talented crew and an affordable range of conference audio visual equipment.

Events of All Sizes

Whether you’re meeting 20 or 500 people, we can assist with your event. For larger conferences or meetings, we have backup gear and staffing. Just ask us ahead of time. We will guide you from start to finish.

Passionate and Eager in Everything We Do

We love working on different projects. We care about our customers and treat them as a family. We also work with a smile and eagerness.

A Good Listener

We listen to your objectives, plans, and ideas. Then, we select the solution that suits your specific needs and requirements. We welcome constructive criticism. Plus, we strive to promote stress-free and convenient communication.

A Creator of Technical Possibilities

Whether you have a small or large conference, our certified staff will define and modify a solution that meets your goals.

From the technical design to the approval process, you will be actively involved. It will be a new learning experience for you.

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