Toronot led wall rental packages

Toronto LED Wall Rental Packages

Are you ready to bring your project to the next level? Creativity starts at Toronto AV!

LED walls continue to gain popularity. So, would you like to be left behind? Allow us to introduce an outdoor video display to your next event or project associated with visuals.

Not only do our video wall rentals create an attractive setup, but they also add life to your events. Our specialization in LED wall rental will make your signages look more professional and appealing.

Video is one of the key components for events of all types. In fact, your audience expects it wherever they go. That is why we make this technology accessible to you. As it is massively changing the entire event planning industry, let us bring you the best rental LED screens in Toronto. We offer LED wall displays in all sizes for all types of events, be it an indoor or outdoor venue.

Display Content That Is Always On-the-Go

There are many different types of rental LED displays out there. But at some events, you will need the one that can be transported to where your audience is, particularly if you are hosting a golf tournament, except that the crowd will likely move between holes. So, this is where you will need a LED rental that will stream the tournament directly to the viewers.

No matter where your audience is, we will help you boost audience engagement. Our LED wall rental will help you get your content in front of larger viewers.

Superior Brightness


The brightness that LED walls offer is one of the reasons for their popularity. When compared to projectors, they emit brighter light.

Our video wall rentals produce vivid images as they can generate their own brightness. They can maintain the same level of brightness, no matter how long you have been using them.

Even if you wish to display deeply saturated colors, they will still offer great contrasts. What’s more, the visibility of the images is not affected even they are under ambient lighting. Even there’s only minimum brightness, and our LED walls will provide efficient use.

As LED wall displays are effective in supporting HD, your audience will experience content in full resolution. Without a doubt, our rental service can leverage the viewing experience of your audience.

Easy to Setup With Quick Dismantling

Are you looking for a display that is easy to setup? If yes, then do not look further than us. Our rental LED display is your best choice. We will help you display your content without any hassle.

Since our LED wall displays are modular, you have the best opportunity to show your creativity with your display. Unlike projectors, visuals can be configured without inhibitions. Meaning, you need for you to worry about ceilings and low fixtures that may cause an obstacle

Our LED walls are easy to dismantle. So, we give you great convenience every time you need to move into new spaces and then rearrange your display.

Bring Customization To Your Events

Our video wall rentals in Toronto is among the best-selling service in production and visuals industry. Adding our rental service to your event planning process can transform everything into something new and eye-catching.

One of the interesting things about our LED rental is that you can customize it. That way, it is possible for you to serve different functions, from small to large setups. We make sure that each of our LED screens is in top quality, so expect incredible display from start to finish.

Perfect Mix of Dynamics And Uniqueness

We deliver high-resolution video wall rentals that best suit any type of event, from social to corporate functions. You can use our LED wall displays to almost anywhere you want, be it on a small implementation or on a large scale venue.

As we combine dynamics and uniqueness perfectly, you can expect for satisfying results. We are highly committed to making every event successful. We will help you make your events more memorable and incredibly engaging. We will also help you leave a positive impact to your audience during the presentation.

Whether it is for meetings, seminars, tapings, general assembly, or tradeshow booths, you can always rely on our expertise. We are here to help you channel your content more creatively and uniquely.

Attention-Grabbing Content

If you need a rental service from an indoor venue, our LED screens will ensure that your content will grab everyone’s attention. As for the outdoor LED wall display setup, we make sure that everyone passing back will turn their head on your content.

Our wide range of LED wall displays can be configured to your specific event needs. As we integrate the latest LED screen technology to your event, we can create an attention-grabbing content that everyone would love to watch.

In case you are about to launch your next product campaign, our LED wall rentals will help you come up with content that will effectively attract the attention of your potential customers. As our rental LED screens provide luminous visuals, it’s a lot easier for you to deliver your brand message. So, allow us to help achieve your business goals.

So, what can you expect from our LED screen rentals?

  • LED display in full color and high resolution
  • Integrated encapsulation with higher dependability
  • Great image uniformity
  • Good color consistency
  • Higher contrast ration
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Most rational and economical resolution

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No matter how much your budget is, we have a perfect LED wall rental package for you. Just tell us your requirements, and we will help you end up with a package that best matches your requirements.

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