Toronto screen and projector rental

Toronto Screen and Projector Rental

Are you planning to rent a projector and screen in Toronto? You are in the perfect place!

We have been supplying superior quality projection rental in the area. We rent out projectors that can be utilized for all types of events and functions such as company events, birthdays, weddings, and so much more that needs projectors.

You could select from 3000 Lumens up to 20,000 ANSI Lumens of projectors that fit your event requirements. Feel free to call us today!

Rent a Projector for Any Size of Event

We have the perfect video projector and projector screen rental for your event. Our skilled and experienced technicians will help you identify which projector and screen rental will guarantee the best picture quality at your event. That’s true whether you plan to use them for conference rooms, galas, training, boardrooms, breakout rooms, or general sessions.

Here’s what our team will get you:

  • Professional set-up, local support, and configuration
  • Quick, guaranteed on-time delivery
  • A nationwide network of locations to save on shipping expenses
  • Multi-million dollar projection inventory

We offer rent projector screen solutions for all budgets and applications. Rent a simple and quick tripod screen in a portable case together with a small, affordable projector for a basic conference room or slideshow presentation.

No matter what you want for our rental projector screen, we bring numerous configurations and sizes. Our technicians can offer you bespoke solutions based on the particular parameters and limitations of your venue.

We are audiovisual rental experts in Toronto renting only dependable, high-quality equipment, including screens and projectors. We could supply equipment to meet all your event needs. If you need a projector on rent in Toronto installed at your home or workplace, call our team today at 416.628.3832!

Don’t Waste Your Money Buying a Projector If You Can Just Rent!

Purchasing a projector and screen could be a costly undertaking. It is not something you need regularly. So why not use our rental projector screen instead?  It is not just simpler on your budget, and you will also be able to claim it as an expense at the tax period. You could rent our big screen rental for sales presentations, boardroom meetings, or even interstate meetings.

Renting a projector in Toronto is only one phone call away with us. Request our sales team if you like to rent a 3D projector or a projector that is ideal for your business meeting.

You could rent short throw projector or business projector for all of the below:

  • Project briefings
  • Investor meetings
  • School presentations
  • Business events
  • Sales presentation
  • Board meetings

Feel free to rent a projector from us and save a huge amount of money. We carry a broad spectrum of projectors which are ready to use for all your meetings or presentation.

Benefits of Renting a Screen and Projector

Projectors for rent have a lot of purposes. You can enjoy watching an outdoor movie right in your own yard. By renting, you can use a projector to present entertainment for your whole friends and family!

On top of that, it also offers a wonderful atmosphere for people to socialize and for families to spend quality time together.

We know how expensive projectors are. If you are only seeking to use a projector for something such as an outdoor movie night, it doesn’t make sense for you to purchase one.

After all, why would you purchase a costly piece of equipment that you’re only going to utilize a couple of times?

This is where our Toronto projector rental services come into action. Our projector rental solutions enable you to take advantage of all the perks of doing something, such as an outdoor movie night without having to spend a huge amount of money on a projector and screen.

What’s more, your projector rental comes with local delivery and installation anywhere in Toronto. That suggests you don’t need to think about any logistics or any of the stress of trying to link everything up and wire everything. When you choose us, you can expect that a local and experienced technician will deal with all of that for your convenience.


We Have Superior Quality and Top Brands of Projectors and Screens

A projector with screen rental is the perfect solution for you. Our projector screens are made specifically to work with projectors. You are assured of having the absolute best display quality that your projector could generate.

Indeed, you could project your favorite movie on a sheet or the side of your house. However, nothing compares to an actual projector screen.

On top of that, you need to handle the sound too. Many projectors these days feature an in-built speaker. Nonetheless, those are only really helpful in a small room where sound does not have that far to travel.

You must consider renting speakers for your projector if you are doing an outdoor event. The external speakers you connect to the projector could really boost your sound quality. That makes sure everybody could hear clearly.

What now? If you are considering having an outdoor event with your friends or co-workers, phone us immediately and rent a screen and projector anywhere in Toronto. If you need speakers for rent as well, don’t worry. We would be glad to assist you with all your technology requirements!

Why Rent a Projector From Our Company?

  • High-resolution and 3D projectors accessible for rent
  • Pick from a wide range of screens including self-supporting tripod screens
  • Select from the latest array of HD projectors ranging from 3000 ANSI Lumen to 20,000 + ANSI Lumen
  • Fast turnaround – in the majority of cases, we will have a projector to you within hours
  • A team of professionals to help you with your needs
  • Unsurpassed competitive prices to fit your budget

Unbeatable Technology at Unbeatable Price

We are the leaders in projector rental in Toronto for all both residential and commercial clients. Ask us today about our packages. Call us on 416-628-3832 or contact us to inquire about our long-term and short-term projector rental.


Option # 1

Delivery, Set Up + Onsite Technicians

Delivery, Set Up + Onsite Technicians

We can help you organize a wide variety of events such as Trade shows, meetings, seminars, conferences, sales meetings,product launches, press conferences and more..

Suggested for Events that need full AV production and require Onsite attention to detail.

Option # 2


Delivery and Set Up

Our professional technician will deliver, set up, and test your equipment.They'll pack up the equipment after your event and take it away.

Suggested for Meetings, trade shows, or smaller events needing equipment like projectors, screens, sound systems, TVs, and video walls.

Option # 3

DIY: Courier Delivery

DIY: Courier Delivery

We will have our Equipment delivered to the location of your choosing.

Suggested for Rentals like iPads, Flipcharts, small Projectors, and laptops