TV Rental in Toronto: Visual Display at its Finest

In this age of technology, visual displays in the shape of projector screens and TV rental equipment form an important part of presentation and performance.

You could be organizing a high profile music festival or a professional TEDx talk—visual displays will always form a crucial component of a special occasion, regardless of the nature and scope of your event.

Toronto Audio Visual Production Rental

Consider the popularity and extensive use of LED screens in motivational seminars and international conferences.

A professional charismatic speaker doesn’t really need the aid of cutting edge multimedia technology to boost his confidence when delivering a lecture before an audience. But having a wealth of tools at his or her disposal will inevitably enhance the quality of their delivery—thereby bringing to the fore the necessity of audio visual equipment in the process of event management.

At Toronto Audio Visual Rentals, we believe in the power of crystal clear moving images and understand how dramatically they can alter the overall effect of a live performance or presentation.

Over the years, we have collaborated with a number of clients to deliver high resolution visual displays through our popular TV rental service.

In particular, we offer the following types of equipment in TV and screens:

16:9 HD Flat Panels
  • NEC 27" LED
  • Samsung 32" LED
  • Samsung 40" LED
  • Samsung 50" LED
  • Samsung 55" LED
  • Samsung 65" LED
  • Samsung 75" LED
  • Samsung 82" LED
  • Mount Flat Panel Wheeled Floor Stand
Projector Screens
  • 6' x 10' (135") Screen Kit
  • 6' x 10' Rear Surface
  • 6' x 10' Black Dress Up Kit
  • 7' x 12' (161") Screen Kit
  • 7' x 12' Rear Surface
  • 7' x 12' Black Dress Up Kit
  • 8' x 14' (192") Screen Kit
  • 8' x 14' Rear Surface
  • 8' x 14' Black Dress Up Kit
  • 9' x 16' (220") Screen Kit
  • 9' x 16' Rear Surface
  • 9' x 16' Black Dress Up Kit
  • 10' x 18' (250" Screen Kit
  • 10' x 18' Rear Surface
  • 10' x 18' Black Dress Up Kit
  • 14' x 24' (330") Screen Kit
  • 14' x 24' Rear Surface
  • 14' x 24' Black Dress Up Kit
Video Walls
  • Microh TS48 4.8mm LED Panel
  • Hyper Pixel 2.9mm LED Panel
  • Hyper Pixel 1.9mm LED Panel
  • Hyper Pixel 1.5mm LED Panel

  • You could have a fantastic arrangement and have some of the biggest names in the industry participating in your special event—but without a professional audio visual set-up, all your efforts are likely to go in vain.

    Don’t compromise on quality and consult us for the best in TV rental services on a budget!